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Drink Up: Without water, your dreams of dropping pounds turns to a nightmare

In case you haven't heard, water is good for you.
No matter which fitness expert you listen to, what diet you choose to follow or which exercise routine you've decided to follow as part of your New Year's Day resolution, one key ingredient is needed for success in losing weight, toning muscles or increasing your energy.
How does the magic liquid work its marvelous magic when it comes to you feeling and looking better?
Drinking water holds a multitude of benefits, the least of which is the idea of staying hydrated or replenishing your body after any type of activity. A lack of hydration leads to dizziness, headaches or feeling general malaise. Those same symptoms of fatigue often follow you around the gym if you're not supplementing your workout with more than just protein shakes and pushups. Water is what helps restore your strength and energy.
Various studies and research ultimately point to water being a direct catalyst for losing weight, when compared to other test markets and subject who opted to forgo their H20 in favor of something else.

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From a diet perspective, guzzling plenty of water as part of your before and after meal routine helps curb your appetite, especially the before part. Two glasses of water before you eat will translate into you less likely to pig out as part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Furthermore, water will allow you to skip the sugary drinks like soda or tea.
In other words, water supplants beverages that add pounds, thus eliminating unwanted calories simply by swapping one drink for another.
The inclusion of water is fine for when you're at home or out to eat, but what about that pesky eight or more hours you spend away from the friendly confines of your house. The safe approach to work is to take your water on the road. Invest in a water bottle, one that is sturdy but not overly expensive just in case you lose it.
Now, if you're a person who simply can't stomach the idea of not drinking bottled water or water that is purified, the thought of drinking tap water might be enough to send you running in the opposite direction. In this situation, you might have to get a little more crafty and think outside the box when it comes to buying a water bottle.
Not all of those plastic containers are created equal, especially put up against Eco Vessel. The name alone elicits intrigue as it sounds more like a submarine than simple water bottle. Rest assured, the Eco Vessel has all the attributes of a water bottle, including various colors, durability and a distinct look. More important, for those timid tap water drinkers, Eco Vessel comes complete with a built in filtration system.
The Eco Vessel makes quite the sidekick for you, much the same water goes hand in hand with helping you reach your health and wellness goals. Those in the midst of attaining weight loss milestones will tell you that's a good thing.

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