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Doggie Bagged: Securing your pet for a long trip takes patience and practicality

Traveling is hectic enough as it is.
Packing bags, booking flights and reserving rooms and cars makes the planning stages of any type of travel daunting, to say the least.
But now take all that and add the notion of packing a pet as part of your itinerary. This is especially taxing if you're contemplating taking a pet on a plane, but that doesn't mean a trip in the car is any less stressful.
National Pet Safety Day is January 2, and your pet would much appreciate your cooperation when stuffing them into a car or overhead compartment.
That means making your pet a priority and sitting down and going over step by step exactly how they're going to travel with you and the means by which to do so. Don't simply assume you'll find a box or stray carrying case lying around moments before you rush out the door.

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Trupanion takes pets incredibly serious, especially when you take a quick look at their impressive resume as a company that deals in medical insurance for your cats and dogs. Their goal is not only to protect your pets wholeheartedly but also provide a wealth of knowledge for owners for situations such as deciding whether your dog should board the plane with you or if they'll be riding alongside the luggage in the cargo area.
Anyone who owns a pet knows that they're one of the family, and their safety and wellbeing is paramount to your participating and ultimately enjoying any type of travel or vacation. Pets are ironically a strange breed when it comes to something as simple as a car ride.
Trupanion is quick to suggest car rides that include a practice run, so that your pet is comfortable with how the car moves as well as treating pets much the same way you would children, complete with plenty of stops along the way and adherence to air bag and seat belt rules.
Flying is a tougher task, one that leaves you caught between asking yourself an important question: is my dog small enough to ride with me on my lap? Forget about face creams, hand sanitizers and shampoo and consider just how you're going to pack up your dog, or cat for that matter, for the flight.
Trupanion suggests that some owners may want to give their pets some type of medication to calm them down, and their web site offers various information and commentaries on how that should be done. In addition to the option of mild sedation, Trupanion suggests everything from arriving early for your flight to give your dog the chance to walk around, along with marking your dog's travel crate with a name, phone number, address and other pertinent information.
The trick to taming this travel dilemma is implementing a sensible approach, rather than waiting until you're about to leave the house or waiting until the last minute, hoping someone can watch your cat, dog or pet turtle while you're traveling.
Most of the time, those strategies are for the dogs.

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