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One Cup Contender: Single serving serves on the go crowd well

Even if you contend that you don't pay much attention to commercials or incredibly savvy marketing campaigns, you'd have to living under that proverbial rock to know that a sizable portion of products push convenience first and foremost.
Everyone is incredibly busy, barely finding time to take care of the basics such as the rudimentary acts of sleeping, working, eating and repeating that process each and every day. Certainly someone in a marketing agency or a retail board room picked up on time truly being of the essence and came out with a simple, yet effective, strategy.
Making everything remarkably easier for the consumer is the number one goal.
Everything from remote starters to shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle, your products are put forth so that each and every waking moment of the day can be relatively productive.
Even your coffee can't be bothered to brew more than one cup at a time. Actually, it isn't so much blame on the coffee or the coffee maker per say but rather the person percolating behind the actual brewing. That person simply doesn't have time to watch more than one cup made at time.

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Instead, coffee is delightful as a drive thru window treat at a Starbucks perhaps, or as part of a one cup machine that eliminates scooping coffee grinds or fooling around with filters, in exchange for a single serving, plastic container filled with flavorful coffee.
Barnie's Coffee Kitchen takes this process a step further and could be the reason your Keurig is banished for good next to your food processor and dehydrator machine. Barnie's Coffee Kitchen boasts "Pronto," a concentrated dose of coffee that is just as delicious as brewing it on your own, minus the machine and mess. "Pronto" lives up to its moniker as all you need to do is take the 10 ounce stick of coffee and add it to water for a cup of coffee in seconds.
Think adding Crystal Light or Gatorade powder to your bottled water, only this time it's coffee as the main attraction.
"Pronto" paves the way in the on the go coffee business and represents convenience since it is a travel size of coffee that goes with you everywhere, and comes in a plethora of flavors, including French Roast and Hazelnut.
Thanks to "Pronto," your days of lethargically languishing throughout a work day or skipping that post work workout seemingly dissipate in favor of a coffee that caters to your schedule and is available at your beckon call.
Some would call that the epitome of convenience.

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