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Tabbed as Sufficient: Tablets aren't just for big spenders anymore

Not everyone can afford to buy the latest and great iPad. Thankfully now, they might not have to.
Let's get one thing perfectly straight: the iPad is an amazingly efficient tablet and remarkably marketed for all the right reasons.
It's thin, powerful and pleasantly addicting as equal parts enjoyable for down time and efficient for emails, power points and business acumen.
But at a $400 or $500 price point, the iPad, even the mini, isn't for everyone. Does that mean you've essentially been priced out of having a tablet?
If you'd have asked the question around the time the first iPad hit the stores, the answer most likely would have been "yes." The arrival of the iPad spawned not only legitimate competitors but also plenty of what would be described as "lower end" tablets that might not be as incredible as the iPad but serve a purpose as practical and affordable for the masses.

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Don't be fooled or put off by the "lower end" moniker. That only translates into tablets that are much less expensive than the iPad but still serve as tremendous pieces of technology that allow you to do the basics for around $100 or less.
That price point makes having a tablet a realistic endeavor for the financially strapped who still value having a piece of technology at their fingertips. Tablets marked right around $100 still give you the ability to send emails or surf the internet.
Even with an affordable sticker on these tablets, you still want to look for an Android powered tablet or one that has an operating system that is still relevant. This tablet might not be as fast as the jackrabbit that is the iPad, but then again remember what you spent.
Tablets that won't break the bank also reside as renowned and welcomed gifts for a demographic or age bracket that conjures up vision of a yellow lined legal pad when you mention a "tablet." There's still plenty of older citizens that can't keep away from Facebook or love checking their email, so these tablets more than suffice for them.
One of the better tablet values is the Amazon Kindle, which recently dropped in price and is around $140, a little more than you might be willing to spend but well worth the additional cost. It's more than a few steps ahead of the $100 tablets, and you might feel a bit more comfortable buying a name you recognize.
Even if that name isn't iPad.

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