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Runnin' With The Temple

Smart phones make texting, forecasting the weather on a moment's notice and toting around your favorite songs a snap. And, of course, allows you to run from deranged monkeys after you stole a heralded, valuable jewel called an "idol."
So the last aspect of a smart phone may sound somewhat unrealistic but that's exactly the premise put forth on "Temple Run," an amazing addictive app for Android and OS users in the same vein as "Angry Birds."
Temple Run mirrors Angry Birds in the sense that it is one of those silly, unconventional games that is simply impossible to put down once you start playing. The premise of the game revolves around you, as an explorer, lifting a valuable "idol" and breaking away from your pack of other explorers. Once you're in possession of the jewel, the fun just is getting started.
You're chased down, a man-hunt if you will, by what is described as insane monkeys. What do you expect from insane monkeys, especially given that you stole from them?
Along the way, the player collects coins and does his or her best to miss randomly placed object that stand in the way of you safely eluding those aforementioned monkeys.

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Truthfully, for a game that was developed as an app for a phone, Temple Run rules the roost. Temple Run is fun, fresh and actually plays like an old-school, vintage Nintendo game straight from the 1980s. The collection of coins harkens back to a day when Mario Brothers ruled the world.
Even the character selection is vast with a collection of explorers to choose from including a police officer and a run-of-the-mill, rudimentary guy. Temple Run is already so popular that it has caught the eye of Disney, which used the game as a promotional tool for upcoming movies.
Temple Run is mindless, enjoyable entertainment and the creators of this game could have easily taken the cheap approach by creating the bare minimum in terms of game play. Instead, they opted to give Temple Run an added dimension with playable characters and some semblance of a story to go along with the game.
No one will mistake Temple Run for Call of Duty any time soon but the game serves its purpose well and didn't take short cuts in its development and creation.
The only proverbial "short-cuts" should come when actually playing the game, thanks to those damn, dirty monkeys chasing you down.

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