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Chilly Reception: Is it too early to start thinking summertime clothing?

Temperatures have barely turned from bearable to below zero, but those forward thinking fashion superstars have already set their barometer to superb summer time style in the form of beach towels, board shorts and bikinis.
But is it too early to start contemplating a cute summer outfit or taking a trip to the beach when the weather turns more inviting? If you ask those enamored with that particular season and the subsequent clothing, the answer is emphatically "no."
The appropriately titled Itsie Bitsie Swimwear has the bikini part of the equation covered with an array of eclectic suits for any and all types of women. These one piece wonders win over crowds in droves with an incredible design and style that seems to be a seamless combination of colorful and completely appealing to the masses.
Almost as paramount as the perfect bathing suit is a dress that is equal parts casual and contemporary, but also stands proudly as something you can wear on a night out in the cool, crisp summer air. Notwithstanding owning a sensational sun dress, you might want to consider keeping something on hand a little more modern and made for dressing up your nighttime outfit.
For that, Diviine ModesTee's "Sweet Innocence" series of dresses manage to move the proverbial needle as eye catching, comfortable options. Don't confuse comfort with sloppiness as these dresses should be defined as "delectable" as they're the perfect mix of upscale and unique, smart and sexy.

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Equally daring and bold for the person who has summer and making a statement on their mind can turn their attention to Style Feen, a retailer described as "daring" and ""edgy." Simply put, Style Feen soars as contemporary and features items that range from shorts, tank tops, skirts, swimwear and dresses, everything you'll need for the perfect summer.
And yes, the accessories at Style Feen run parallel with the sense of style and distinctness that you'd expect from this progressive thinking company.
No summer would be complete without a fantastic pair of flip flops for ladies that like to lounge after a long, hard day at the office. If you're all "flip flopped out," and are looking for something just as comfortable but perhaps a bit different, you'd be wise to think outside the box and tap dance your way to Linge Shoes and their ballet flats. You don't have to be light on your feet to love these shoes that exude quality and comfort personified.
They're colorful, cute and remarkably practical.
How about a memorable upcoming summer for men, too?
Far too often, guys garner attention in the summer months for all the wrong reasons. They're the ones who assume that jean shorts and tube socks are perfectly fine, and the idea of men shopping specifically for a bathing suit, for some, may seem useless when they have a perfectly fine pair of shorts lying around the house.
That simply won't do, especially if you're opting to don that homemade bathing suit as part of a summertime vacation in the works. Visit Volcom.com to find suitable shorts for the summer so you can officially retire those makeshift ones. Volcom isn't just for the 18-25 year old demographic, either. They're shorts transcend any and all ages, and men that older than that range won't feel awkward or out of place.
And guys, please lose the visor. Unless you're playing golf on the Senior PGA Tour for a million dollar prize, they're unbelievably passé as a summertime accessory. Save yourself the agony and pick something that covers your entire head or ditch the headgear altogether.
And while you're getting rid of things, let's do our best to forget about winter for the next few months and move on to a season that you're actually looking forward to from a fashion standpoint.

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