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Party Hearty: Make your get together the one that leaves them speechless

Who doesn't want to plan the perfect party, the one that leaves everyone talking for days, weeks and months following this star studded event?
OK, so maybe your party won't mirror that of Hollywood heavyweights or musical superstars, but that doesn't mean you can't provide your guests with the kind of food, drinks, atmosphere and socialization that might put you on the map, albeit not on a national level.
A lot of aspects to the ideal party puts the onus directly on you, the party planner. You may not be an expert in this field, but this is your time to shine, and you certainly don't want to let yourself or your guests down with a get together that leaves your attendees heading out the door after only a few hours.
It's about plenty of prepping and attention to detail; throwing together something in the spur of the moment often comes across as something that is a hodgepodge of ho hum that fails to get everyone excited about staying past 9 p.m.
You've also got to take into consideration who you're inviting. That doesn't mean making sure everyone on your list is accounted for but rather taking note of what they like: music, food, desserts, etc.

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In the case of a party that meshes the likes of Christmas and Hanukkah, it's paramount to provide an eclectic array of goodies and dishes that pay homage to any and all traditions in the form of food that appeals to everyone involved.
This year, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, in fact, fell on the same day. What looked like quite the conundrum could easily be transformed into something unique and unforgettable.
Andrea Correale is a celebrity caterer and president and founder of Elegant Affairs Caterers in Long Island, New York. Her event and party planning includes surrounding New York areas such as Manhattan, The Hamptons and Westchester, and her resume is flawless. She's worked with top notch celebrity talent and was recently named Home Entertainment Expert for Lenox.
Furthermore, she's not about to let the idea of holidays meshing together stop her from a perfectly planned get together.
Her 20 plus years in the party business put her in the ideal position to think outside the box; her suggestion is a mix of tempting and tantalizing treats that fit the bill for anyone at your party, regardless of which holiday they're celebrating.
A quick glimpse of Correale's web site shows without fail that she's been through just about any party situation you could imagine, and that her Thanksgiving meets Hanukkah party was filled with brazen recipes and creativity personified.
The creative part can come in the form of the aforementioned foods, but also sending invitations or putting together a theme isn't a bad idea anyway, unless of course it comes across as overly campy or somewhat nerdy in its execution.
Having a "Star Wars" party celebrating the "Episode 7" sequel in 2015 isn't exactly the definition of "hip," nor should it replace a remarkable edition of a New Year's Eve party for 2016.
The party planning isn't solely about just your guests. Remember, you'll be the one dealing with the aftermath and cleanup, unless of course you've invited a few friends that don't mind pitching it or lending a hand.
If not, you'll be left with dishes, dirt and unwanted activities post party. It's up to you to set parameters beforehand so you know exactly what you're dealing with when all is said and officially done. You're not setting yourself up to be the bad guy per say but remember that it is your house. Those rules can include anything from drinking to smoking to noise level in accordance with courtesy toward your neighbors or fellow tenants.
And don't take that advice the wrong way: this isn't suggesting to turn your party from exciting into demure by any means, but there's something to be said for a happy medium to go along with an equally arousing party.
And one the guests undoubtedly will be chatting about next to the water cooler for quite some time.

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