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Victoria's Secret: Modeling your workout after what works for models

The Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone, but the excess weight isn't going anywhere any time soon.
With the holiday eating in full force, you're probably struggling between your ferocious appetite for cakes and cookies this time of season and the voice in your head that suggests stopping the gravy train of treats.
Guess which voice sentiment wins out most of the time?
If you're more apt to snack incessantly over the holidays, you're certainly not alone. No one is really thinking about a summertime beach body in December, unless of course you're participating in the December 10 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
This annual event brings together some of the most beautiful models in the world, and the man behind those terrific, toned physiques is trainer Michael Olajide Jr., who is credited for helping the likes of Adriana Lima drop some unwanted baby weight and even reached out and trained the likes of Hugh Jackman and Mark Wahlberg to assist them in their training regimen.

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That's all well and good for those celebrities and Victoria's Secret models, but what about the general public that doesn't have Olajide at their disposal as a trainer?
Now, you do.
Olajide recently released his at home boxing workout and diet book that channels the experience he's used to tame even the most troublesome spots on any body. "SLEEKIFY: The Supercharged, No-Weights Workout to Sculpt and Tighten Your Body in 28 Days" delivers the kind of exercise and eating routine that anyone, even if you're not a super model, can rally behind.
Olajide dabbled in professional boxing before moving on as Director of Programs at AEROSPACE High Performance Center in New York City. Olajide's experience as a boxer makes him a credible person in conjunction with his passion for fitness.
What makes Olajide's vision unique and enviable for the general public is the simple nature of what he puts forth and especially the elimination of equipment, gym memberships and expensive at home devices for exercising.
That's a selling point that puts Olajide at the top of customers' list as far as what to do once the post holiday eating turns into a New Year's Resolution. Only 10-15% of the population belongs to a health club, which leaves plenty of the market wide open and searching for something that actually will deliver results.
Enter the 50-year-old Olajide, who has an incredible knack for being that combination of celebrity trainer but doesn't make it too complicated for you. One knock against celebrity trainers is that they're only interested in making the already fit even fitter and don't tailor the workouts to those who work 40 hours per week and have more responsibility than just working out six or seven hours per day.
Typically, those workouts include the type of training that requires a trainer and basically nothing else to do all day.
That isn't exactly an easy path to follow.
He simply employs a healthy dose of shadow boxing and jumping rope that is applicable for any age or fitness level. The photos littered throughout his "SLEEKIFY" book act as your guide to fitness, and he also includes plenty of diet tips along the way.
With Olajide in your corner, that holiday weight won't be around for long.

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