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One and Only: Online dating often is rapid fire rambunctiousness

One match after another, a plethora of potential being sent directly to your profile in the hopes that you'll be able to sort through the inquires with some semblance of order.
Welcome to online dating.
The idea of being single hits a little harder during the holidays, especially when the gift giving and buying is pushed to the forefront.
Not every site is quite as adept at overwhelming singles in their quest to find a relationship online. Some may adore the idea that they've got several options to choose from, but not everyone has the time or patience to figure out their next move.
Coffee Meets Bagel takes a more calming approach to online dating as its users register with their Facebook accounts, provide a few pertinent details about who they are, and then they'll receive a "match" every day around noon.

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That match is appropriately dubbed their "bagel." Then, it's up to both users that have been matched together to pursue the pending union within 24 hours or simply opt out and wait for tomorrow's "bagel."
If they choose to move forward, everything done by Coffee Meets Bagel is private, secure and discrete. And, of course, to great success.
What sets Coffee Meets Bagel apart is its simple approach to online dating and how it tailors itself to the lifestyle of a busy adult with a hectic routine. That same adult might opt for online dating due to time restraints but isn't interested in fielding requests to the point that it feels like a second job.
Coffee Meets Bagel is personalized to the individual, isn't unbearable and takes a step by step, more realistic approach to meeting someone. More important, Coffee Meets Bagel doesn't share information via Facebook or make anything shared through their site available for viewing to the general public.
Coffee Meets Bagel helps you bag your next guy or gal by taking and using the same data that other dating sites use, but since it is logged in through Facebook, it matches you with mutual friends in mind. That gives the user a sensational combination of optimism and a personal point of contact moving forward, knowing you may meet someone that shares friends of yours.
In that sense, Coffee Meets Bagel manages to meld the best of technology and the pure art of perhaps meeting your soul mate through friends of friends.
Chances are you'll end up meeting someone you'll be together with much longer than "a cup of coffee."

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