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Swatch and Learn: These timepieces take creativity to a new level

Think about a gift that is universally lauded and loved during the holiday season, and combines practicality and perfection.
Time's up.
A timepiece is a terrific option when it comes to gift giving for men or women on your wish list. The purpose of wrapping and presenting someone special with a carefully crafted watch is providing them with an adorable, timeless accessory that is equal parts wow factor and usefulness.
But like all gifts, watches aren't full proof and certainly you've been on the wrong end of getting one that doesn't meld nicely with your style or simply comes across as remarkably bland or uninspiring.
That's why it is paramount to pick your next watch carefully and look high and low for something that makes a statement in addition to serving its purpose.

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Swatch stands tall in this realm with an array of exquisite options for just about anyone on your list. The Swatch brand not only embodies watches as functional accessories but also incorporates an artistic feel to them as part of their allure.
This holiday, Swatch delivers with their "Red Knit" timepiece that takes your holiday spirit and transforms a simple watch into a proverbial winter wonderland on your wrist, complete with speckles of white, falling snow.
The "Red Knit" watch is cute, classic and could easily be a gift for the holidays that is nothing short of memorable.
In the same vein as the "Red Knit" comes the KUKULAKUKU, a tremendous watch that doubles as an homage to Totem Poles and inspired by art from Morocco and Tunisia. This is a colorful addition to the Swatch 2013 Xmas Collection and would be a welcomed addition to any ensemble.
If the brazen, beautiful "Red Knit" isn't quite what you're looking for, then Swatch isn't exactly out of ideas. Swatch scores with a winter line of watches that fit just about any idea of fashion, whether you're enjoying their stunning "Late Night Glam" line that incorporates gold as the main color or simply want to sit back and relax with their "Classic" assortment of stylish watches.
It's not hard to see that Swatch appreciates watches for more than just a means to tell time. Rather, what is truly telling is Swatch refusing to assume that all watches are created equal and push the boundaries of creativity.
That mentality makes you wonder how you could ever possibly pass up the chance to buy a Swatch watch.

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