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Same Old New Year: Resolutions sadly don't always equal results

As December transforms into January, and the holiday dust has settled, you're consumed by one looming thought: What is going to be my New Year's Resolution?
And perhaps an even more follow up inquisition looms even larger: Are you going to follow through with that same New Year's Resolution?
You've probably been through this routine in years past. You promise that this year is going to be different.
You're going to lose weight.
You're going to get that promotion.

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You're going to start eating better or quit smoking.
Then, mid March rolls around, and those proclamations that embody positivity probably have long since been forgotten.
So why don't we tend to keep our New Year's Resolutions?
There's no clear cut answer. You could point to a lack of time and the hustle and bustle of day to day routine like work, jobs, kids or money that provide substantial roadblocks en route to conquering your resolution.
The most popular New Year's Resolution is losing weight, and all of the aforementioned hurdles pertain to the idea of spending time exercising and attempting to lose weight. Finding a spare 30-45 minutes is easier said than done, even if the majority of gyms practice a 24-7 business plan as far as when they're open.
And as far as working out at home? That may actually be even more difficult as you're faced with arguably more distractions. You wouldn't be the first person to attempt a half hour workout, only to have it last most of the day. Those push ups and pull ups simply get sidetracked with laundry, lunches to be made and daytime television to watch.
From fitness to filling a new job role, a close number two as far as resolutions go is either searching out a raise at work or finding a better employer than your current one. The former might be a resolution in the simplest sense, but you might not have much control over that promotion.
Getting a better job certainly sounds like something that is within reach, but after a few failed resume and cover letter inquiries, it's not hard to feel a little deflated after several attempts to no avail. The same time line could easily describe the trials and tribulations of quitting smoking.
Perhaps the true trick to following through with a resolution is not looking at it from an all or nothing mentality, but rather a gradual process. Far too often you opt to lose weight and join a gym, and when results don't happen nearly instantly, you quit.
That principle applies to dieting, too. You decide instead of slowing weening yourself off cheeseburgers and French fries to simple stop "cold turkey," and only ingest carrots and apples.
That dramatic drop off isn't going to last very long, and neither will any hope that your resolution will see spring any time soon.

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