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Offseason Makeover: Building the better wardrobe comes when you least expect it

Men complaining about having nothing to wear or opine over the cost of clothing aren't trying hard enough. Or, they're simply not looking in the right place at the right time.
What's the best way to amass an amazing wardrobe for half the price?
Building the perfect clothing closet doesn't have to be painful, expensive or necessarily time consuming. It just takes a little savvy shopping and not being opposed to buying in the off season or perhaps from the "gently used" department.
The latter tag line hardly suggests that you'd be interested in buying ratty clothing or items that appear incredibly worn or tattered. Instead, purchasing from the "used" section on sites such as eBay allows you to extend your clothing budget immensely.
Certain items probably won't make your wish list, but there's nothing wrong with nabbing a few pairs of designer jeans or dress pants for half the price. You want to be certain that the auction site you are using is reputable and allows you to return items that aren't listed or described accurately.

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If you're still not digging your new digs from the auction sites, you're not out of luck by any means. A good number of guys probably aren't following the latest and greatest fashion trends, nor do they make it a point to keep tabs on Fashion Week.
That fact might not make you runway ready as far as your wardrobe is concerned, but that doesn't mean your lack of knowledge can't work in your favor. The biggest way to save a bundle on your wardrobe is to buy clothes in off seasons.
No, that doesn't mean you should forgo a sense of logic and starting donning sweatpants and outerwear in July or tank tops in mid December but instead plan out what you're wearing well ahead of time.
Summer clothes typically go on sale just as the stores are swapping shorts and T-shirts for the newest fall clothing displays, and that's a huge red flag to start stocking up on warm weather items. The discounts are delectable, and you can easily repeat the same process in reverse when the summertime clothing hits the shelves in March and winter clothing comes down in price to the tune of half off.
This practice might not sound practical, but it is an adept, appropriate and intelligent way to double your wardrobe without draining your bank account or your patience for piecing together attire that is atrociously antiquated.

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