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Fact or Fiction: Fitness filled with its fair share of disinformation

Spend even a few moments within the walls of a weight room, and you'll quickly come to a conclusion that you're not quite sure you're ready to believe.
Everyone is an expert.
As you embark on a fitness plan either in the midst of the holiday debauchery or after the smoke, cookies, cakes and fatty foods, clears, you'll probably be one of millions en route to a gym to shed the extra pounds as January looms large.
Part of that journey includes a lot of decision making as far as what plan of attack you'll need, who to listen to and what product to ultimately endorse as your salvation for getting slim.
The easiest way to determine the credibility of a product, piece of equipment or exercise DVD is the credentials of the person selling it. You'd be wise to stick with celebrity trainers that have resumes that focus on fitness and subsequent clientele, rather than an actor or model that is probably being paid as nothing more than a glorified spokesperson.

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As far as inside a health club or gym, finding a source worth listening to might be a bit trickier.
Anyone who has ever lifted even one weight in their tenure as a fitness fanatic deems what they're doing as gospel. Thus, the birth of the laundry list of fitness myths and the question that shrouds every shrug, treadmill run and one on one consultation with a personal trainer: What fitness myths actually are true?
One of the more prevalent and much deliberated topics is when to incorporate cardiovascular exercise in your workout. The back and forth banter suggests two possible answers: before or after your strength training.
You'll hear tales of hitting the elliptical or recumbent bike before the weights is best for burning more calories. Truthfully, the order in which you run or walk is a moot one. The only thing it affects is your level of fatigue and lethargy as part of an all encompassing workout.
Cardio first isn't advisable simply because it can hinder your endurance and ferocity with which you lift weights, and leave you in the midst of a double bicep curl with little left in the proverbial gas tank.
The biggest reason most would be exercisers start working out and stop is a lack of results within a few months. Adopting a workout plan and expecting unrealistic results is commonplace as gym goers who want to lose 60 pounds expect that weight to melt much like the ice cream sundaes that got them in this predicament in the first place.
The truth is you gain weight faster than you lose it; yes, that doesn't seem fair, but it's the truth. You have to embark on a weight loss or diet plan with a clear understanding that this isn't a short stint but rather a long haul. A huge misconception by unhealthy eaters is that once they work out, they still can eat what they want, as if to suggest that the working out process somehow magically "cancels out" the bad food.
In that same vein, weight loss almost always is perceived as having a direct correlation to cardio. The idea that you can't lose weight by weight lifting is engrained in the thought processes of the masses. Weight lifting actually runs neck and neck with cardio as far as burning fat and calories. That statement only rings true if the weight training is done while keeping your heart rate up by moving from machine to machine in an interval style routine.
Staying put on the sit up machine, while you're trying to find the perfect song to exercise to doesn't really count as intense, nor does aimlessly walking through the gym and spending more time chatting than doing chin ups.
And chances are, most of that idle talk is coming from a multitude of exercisers who simply can't wait to tell you exactly what works and what doesn't.

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