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Build the Better Plan: Your business venture won't go far without a clear vision

You're sleeping soundly, and suddenly you pop out of bed with a business venture, product or idea that is work waking up.
OK, so maybe you're not quite ready for "Shark Tank" or tackling business investors as part of your endeavor, but you certainly feel confident that your idea has revenue written all over it.
So now what?
Plenty of promising ideas and entrepreneurs fall flat in turning their potential into something tangible, but not because of the actual idea or product in question. They failed in the stage of writing a business plan that convinced banks to loan them money, investors to do the same or business partners to come on board with a sense of confidence and stability in mind.
What should a competent, intelligent business plan include?

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To answer that question, you might want to consider what a business plan shouldn't be or whether you even need one. If you have an idea or product worth talking about, then it's imperative to put on paper the nuts and bolts of how the operation is going to work, where your initial start up capital is going and how you'll integrate your idea into the general public through marketing.
The actual art of writing a business plan probably should include the presence of an editor or writer as part of the process. That's not to suggest you don't know your venture inside and out but rather you may be a little too invested and excited to keep your vision concise.
You've probably got a million ideas running through your head, but keeping them organized is something that is paramount to your business plan or else it will come across as nothing more than jumbled, incoherent and messy.
Equally realistic within the confines of your business plan should be your long range planning, without losing your creative presence as part of the idea. A downfall of a business plan is thinking too far ahead without building a solid foundation first or coming across as pragmatic and poised with a step by step approach.
But, please, don't dumb down what got you started in the first place. It's important to have fun and showcase your originality and mirth, the same temperament that lead to all those sleepless nights from the start.
And when in doubt, it's perfectly acceptable to ask for help from someone who has been through the process before; if the idea is as wondrous as you believe, then a few extra minutes of back and forth discussions with an expert is well worth the wait.

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