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Say Cheese: Smile, your camera problems are gone

Marketing for today's smart phones rarely touches on actually making a call but rather the host of other ancillary features as part of your mobile device, starting with the camera.
Plenty of cell phone shoppers that make initial foray into the smart phone world come complete with a common question: how is the camera on that phone?
That inquisition probably stems from consumers who may be growing tired of toting around a smart phone and camera, and ultimately want the best of both words by eliminating one or the other. Camera phones certainly aren't anything new as even the antiquated flip phones have, at the very least, modest means for taking pictures.
Today's version of cell phones that double as cameras essentially put the camera business on notice that they're in the midst of a takeover. Why would anyone buy a camera and phone separately anymore?
Unless you're a professional photographer, you're probably more than fine with the idea that your cell phone camera is plenty advanced enough for birthday parties, graduations or simply getting together with friends.

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Those companies in the heart of the camera business no longer are battling against cell phone companies for electronic dominance in the marketplace. They've instead opted for a saying that truly defines their position in this tug of war between cameras and cell phones: if you can't beat them, join them.
No one company adhered to the apt adage quite like Sony, who devised perhaps the picture of convenience when it comes to cameras and cell phones working in perfect harmony with one another. Sony developed an attachable lens that snaps on to any Android or iPhone that gives users the high end camera they're longing for that melds nicely with their smart phones with simple snap.
To make this futuristic combination seem even more remarkable, the pictures are saved on both the snap camera lens and your phone as well as photo quality that rivals that of any professional camera.
If that idea isn't quite what you had in mind, don't worry. Those responsible for creating the latest and greatest cell phones put camera quality at the top of the list, which includes a smart phone with a 41-megapixel camera that is integrated into the device.
Pointing and clicking for that perfect, pristine photo never seemed so simple.
And now, it's equally as convenient.

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