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Food for Thought: The right foods can make world of difference

Can your supposed and so called "super food" truly improve how you're feeling and give you a timely boost?
You've undoubtedly heard that phrase plenty of times, especially if you're about to embark on a new diet or if you're in the process of ditching your processed foods and giving your refrigerator a reboot. But the idea of incorporating foods that make you feel better shouldn't be about dieting specifically.
Instead, it should be looked upon with great love as your commitment to revitalizing your eating and increase your vitality for the foreseeable future.
Stocking your at home shelves with these food gems are the difference between working an eight hour day, coming home and feeling refreshed or falling asleep on the couch by 8 p.m.
So what exactly constitutes a "super food" and where does one find these immeasurable combinations of deliciousness and energy?

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A common thought that foods filled with vitamins, minerals and shockingly potent and positive side effects only exist in the form of fruits and vegetables. That sentiment isn't entirely true, although the antioxidants from grapefruits, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries redefine rejuvenation.
But there's more to being super than just having seeds.
Instead, you can prepare an entire meal with that mantra in mind.
Thanksgiving wasn't that long ago and other than the turkey making you a little sleepy, it is thinly sliced and skinless splendor that is filled with protein and low in fat. Pairing that beautiful bird with sweet potatoes is power personified from your food. Sweet potatoes are loaded with iron, beta carotene and even a little Vitamin C for those who simply can't choke down carrots or orange juice, respectively.
And speaking of fat, the good kind should find its way on to your plate in moderation.
That includes the likes of olive oil and salmon, which helps improve your good cholesterol and subsequently the health of your heart.
One ingredient that almost always is missing from a super food group is fiber, which allows for digestive health. Beans boast the kind of fiber that you need, and they can be paired nicely with an array of festive and fun Mexican dishes that are so tasty you might forget that you're eating healthy.
From eating to drinking, the beverages you choose are just as paramount to your productivity and overall wellness. Also, avoid sugary sodas or teas and replace them with water, green tea or unsweetened tea.
You'll miss your soda and fatty foods for sure, but the positives of feeling better, potentially losing weight and improved mood far outweigh your favorite treats missing from the menu.

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