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Baby Bumpy Ride: Make traveling with a small child a success

Hitting the open road this holiday season isn't quite as simple of a ride as you might think. In fact, when there's a beautiful baby on board, the trip could be quite bumpy, especially if that trip is a lengthy one.
What do you do about snacks in between meals?
How about a nice nap for your little bundle of joy when he doesn't have a stroller, car seat or bouncy chair nearby?
These questions, among others, permeate the thoughts of moms and dads everywhere and even more so during the holidays when time is spent on the shuffling from one house to another, exchanging presents, pleasantries and the trials and tribulations of parenthood.
So, what is the best way to travel with babies or small children?

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In short, convenience is the key component to turning a potentially horrific holiday and subsequent travel into a tantalizing and enjoyable excursion with little or no drama. Obviously, parents are in the business of not only raising good kids but also planning well ahead of the childhood curve in the hopes that they will be able to anticipate just about any issue that comes up while they're traveling.
That thinking doesn't always pan out perfectly, so that's why parents put a lot of faith and emphasis on items that make life a little easier when they're behind the wheel or 15,000 feet in the air en route to their holiday destination.
Finding time for snacking might be easier said than done, so products like EZ Squeezees and the Steri-bottle allow for a smooth transition when your children are clamoring for food. EZ Squeezees, in short, is a food pouch designed to perfection that zips up on one side and holds a favorite snack or puree safely and securely, and it can be used more than just one time.
Steri-bottle showcases practicality as well since it is a one and done baby bottle made from recyclable material. Steri-bottle relieves parents from having to fill, use and wash a bottle over and over again, which certainly isn't plausible or pleasant while traveling.
And just because you're out and about this holiday season, this shouldn't translate into a lack of sleep for your little bundle of joy. Badaboum is made specifically for babies to take a snooze within the confines of a superb, comfortable sleep sack that is equal parts easy to use and secure.
One company, Bumkins Finer Baby Products, does baby travel perhaps as good as or better than most as it pertains to overall retailers. Bumkins boasts the aptly titled Wet/Dry Bag that provides separate waterproof compartments for anything the elements might throw at you while you're away from home.
Suddenly, that road trip is starting to feel much smoother than you originally thought.

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