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A Sporting Chance: Victory is yours when it comes to sports spending

Ticket sales for sporting events are slumping worse than the Houston Texans or any of the New York basketball teams.
But the shoddy play on the field or court, respectively, isn't the only reason why fans of all the major sports are opting to stay home, rather than making the trek from the couch to the arena.
They simply can't afford it.
Once you factor in tickets, parking, gas, food and drinks and, for those who an extreme attention to financial detail, the wear and tear on your car, the thought of watching a football or basketball game live feels more like a major investment, rather than a minor form of entertainment.
If you're lucky, you can find a discounted tickets online, and that certainly can help defer some of the cost when it comes to catching your favorite team in person. But the majority of spending on attending a live sports event centers in the food and beverage aspects of this trip.

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A few soft drinks or beers, coupled with a small meal, can ultimately end up costing your more than the ticket itself. The trick is taming your in game spending on refreshments is to take a refreshing stance on planning out your meals on the day of the event.
If you're interested in enjoying watching sports live and saving money in the process, you'd be wise to eat your lunch or dinner before you head out to the stadium. A hot dog or hamburger at home costs between $.50 and $1 in comparison to $7-10 at the arena. Let's say you attend 10-15 hockey game a year for example, and you opt to eat at home before 10 of those. That translates into saving you up to $500. That money would be better served in your bank account, rather than part of an expensive and unnecessary part of your sports excursion.
If you're not so inclined to eat before the game, then there's nothing wrong with tailgating as a reasonable replacement to stuffing your face inside the actual park or stadium. Remember, tailgating is just you bringing your own food to cook in the parking lot before the game, thus eliminating the urge to spend a fortune during the game.
In addition, the post game festivities usually include dining out at a restaurant with friends, family or a few co workers. That would be perfectly acceptable sporadically but if you're inclined to participate in this practice every time you go to a game, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars a year.
There's also no rule that says you can't partake in the fun after the game is over without having to drop $20 on a meal when a simple appetizer would suffice.
Adopting a few of those money saving tips when it comes to sports could easily pull you out of your own financial slump, and allow you to finally start enjoy the game at hand.

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