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Retail Mania: The holiday shopping doesn't end until the stores say so

How late is too late to buy a Christmas gift? If you ask the likes of Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart or any of the retail heavy hitters, the answer is an emphatic one.
Well, that might not be technically true since Christmas falls on December 25 and stores, at least for now in 2013, are closed that day. But that doesn't mean those aforementioned stores aren't clamoring for business until the final bell, as late as December 24, also known as Christmas Eve.
Retailers hardly consider "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" as their last chance to garner as much revenue as possible when it comes to holiday shopping. These stores pay close attention to not only discounting all the latest and greatest gifts and gadgets but understanding that not all shoppers are created equal.
For some, waiting to buy gifts at the very last minute isn't by choice. Rather, the hustle and bustle of a daily routine even can impede something as pertinent at holiday shopping. The other half makes it a point to continually remind themselves that the next greatest deal hasn't yet hit the stores, and waiting until the very end is part of a masterful plan to save the most.

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Regardless, the stores secure victory on both fronts. They're adept at offering marquee clearances that appeal to both sets of consumers and continually employ marketing as a means to make a final push to the fiscal finish line for a respectable year end total.
Target hardly bats an eye at the idea of offering a Magnavox 32" HDTV for less than $200 between December 22-24 or even dishing out a $30 gift card when you buy a 16GB iPad mini. Duplicating comparable offers that have a "Black Friday" clearance craziness to them is just the final step in a long stand sales itinerary that was put in place long before Thanksgiving dinner was served.
The objective of any retailer in this position is to ultimately make money but the good ones make it a point to preach customer satisfaction and service through pricing that extends far beyond that fateful Friday after Thanksgiving.
Customers of all shapes, sizes and financial acumen and availability view these "deals" as more than just another way to rake in a few more bucks but perhaps as shopping salvation for last minute buyers hoping to round out their holiday wish list or those pensive, prudent buyers who are waiting patiently by the door until December 24.
Either way, the stores are ready, willing, able and more than ready to accommodate you.

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