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Fit to be Tied: The trick to the perfect workout is simplicity and sanity

Almost at the same time that final gift is unwrapped or the last Christmas cookie has crumbled in your mouth, thoughts instantly turn from tinsel and holiday cheer to tightening those abs and christening this year as the one where you finally get yourself into shape.
That proclamation isn't just for mom and dad as the children of the house certainly aren't averse to adhering to a healthier way of life.
But anyone who has ever consciously made an honest forage into fitness with the best intentions knows just how intimidating, daunting and confusing exercise can be. A lot of that has to do with the bevy of so called experts perpetuating anything from legitimate advice to empty rhetoric as far as what works to shed pounds, build muscle, improve endurance or whatever your goal may be.
No matter which avenue you choose en route to remarkable results, one mantra should be packed in your gym bag alongside your sweats, shoes and shorts: there's no substitute for hard work.
Now that doesn't mean you should be knee deep in blood, sweat and tears per say, but it also suggests that get slim quick schemes or something that sounds too easy or good to be true probably is.

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The trick to tackling your post holiday exercise hangover head on is two fold: study the trends of what is working for most people, and don't be afraid to try something that is out of your proverbial comfort zone.
Amen Iseghohi is the founder and owner of Amenzone Fitness and the Amenzone Foundation. The biggest point of differentiation of Amenzone Fitness is its ability to take a boring, run of the mill workout and transform it into something that is distinct, unique, enjoyable and, most importantly, universal to just about every person that walks through their doors.
Iseghohi suggests that 2014 won't be about traditional machines within the confines of every gym across the country but rather keeping with the trend of CrossFit and other programs that allow participants to think well outside the box
"2014 will be about high intensity training and body weight training," Iseghohi proclaims. "People are doing more workouts that can be done anywhere with no machinery and less time. Using body weight as resistance will allow you to achieve the same results as if you were using free weights or gym equipment."
That is the premise of the Amenzone Fitness Program, which is why it is in incredibly high demand as far as franchising is concerned. More important to Iseghohi is his aforementioned Amenzone Foundation, a 10-week program he offers for free to children.
Childhood obesity has reached far beyond a concern and is squarely pegged as an epidemic. Part of any post holiday exercise plan should include not only an exercise regimen for yourself but also for children.
The trick with kids is finding a happy medium between exercise and fun. And the involvement of parents is paramount.
"Kids naturally find things they love to do on the playground. So why not use those activities as workouts for them," Iseghohi asks. "If you (the parents) are in the back yard or at the playground, don't just sit and watch. Get involved in a leg race on the track or go race them down the slides."
Iseghohi created the Amenzone Rebel Kids DVD which doesn't try to put children through the same workouts adults would pursue but rather tailors it to that demographic.
"We as parents know they (kids) have more than enough energy. The more they move, the lower their risk for things such as obesity and low self esteem," Iseghohi said.
From kids to parents and everyone in between, fitness is a love hate relationship. Everyone knows just how important exercise is, but the execution often gets in the way of the obvious. A big reason that hurdle exists is a genuine disdain for the ho hum nature of exercise itself.
Being able to interject a little life could be the difference between success and failure, as well as a lot less regret after all those holiday cookies.

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