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Smarten Up: Finding way to truly make that overly intelligent TV work in your favor

The holidays have come and gone, and you're probably staring at your new flat screen, "smart" TV and wondering just what makes this device so intelligent, and whether you're wise enough to use this new gift to its fullest potential.
Despite the influx of technology as it pertains to everything from cell phones to televisions, the majority of consumers view the latter as nothing more than a means to watch their favorite shows or movies, and don't truly appreciate or understand just how spectacular a smart TV truly is.
And this doesn't just pertain to older individuals who still are mesmerized by a tube television or tote around a flip cell phone. Smart TVs often stop even the most advanced and technologically savvy consumer in their tracks.
Not to worry, because no one is insinuating that you're dumber than your television but rather hopeful that your recently acquired gift doesn't stay one dimensional as far as how it is used for very long.
So how do you maximize your smart T V?

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The inception of social networking and friends sharing posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter has transformed television from a 30 minute sitcom or a one hour miniseries into an event. When was the last time you watched one of your favorite programs and didn't find yourself sending a text, tweet or Facebook message before, during and after the show?
A great advantage of a smart television is the ability to fully engage in the viewing experience by not only watching your show but interfacing with friends via social media on that very same screen. No more putting your head down to send a message and missing your favorite scene or an important plot point of the ongoing dialogue.
Your smart TV allows you to stay focused on not only what you're watching but the plethora of poignant comments relative to the show. Connecting with your favorite television characters certainly ranks as important but isn't quite ready to supersede the notion that your smart TV also allows you to get in touch with friends and family who you might not see on a daily basis.
That's where apps on your smart TV like Skype magnificently make your boring old television into a larger than life video phone. It allows you to dial anyone you'd like and have an amazing, up close and personal conversation that can't be duplicated on any cell phone or expressed through an email or card.
If you think about LCD and smart TVs, the majority of customers can't wait to tell anyone who will listen just how big the actual screen is. A 50-inch TV is commonplace in living rooms, game rooms and even bed rooms, but what happens to those large screens when you're not watching TV?
Nothing, actually.
That's where your smart TV comes into play with apps like Artkick.com. This online sensation allows you to download exquisite artwork and showcase it on your television when you're not actually watching TV. Think of it simply as ready made artwork without actually buying the frame or hammering a nail into your wall.
The innovative and remarkable Artkick.com application might stir your creative juices even more so and lead you to fashion your very own slide show comprised of family photos or, perhaps, vacation shots that quickly make you forget just how chilly winter can be.
Equally cold could potentially be your reaction to receiving a smart TV and simply not knowing what to do with it, other than catch an episode of "Glee" or watch all of your favorite sports in one spot.
Truthfully, that 40 or 50 some inch screen houses a slew of untapped potential that is just waiting to be discovered.

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