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Party On: No need to interrupt your New Year's Eve party, even if you're in a pinch

If you're talking New Year's Eve, then you're probably debating exactly what you'll be doing on one of the biggest party nights of the year.
Maybe you'll head out of a romantic dinner with your significant other.
How about something low key, like hanging out with friends and watching some sort of New Year's Eve television special?
Then, there's always the option of hosting or attending a party that goes well beyond midnight.
But no matter how much you plan ahead in the hopes that nothing could possibly go wrong, something conceivably always does.

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Instead of immediately pressing the proverbial panic button, you might want to consider the fine art of simply planning ahead before you head out on New Year's Eve or en route to any party for that matter. But saddling your significant other with a plethora of essentials you may or may not need throughout the course of an evening doesn't exactly seem fair. The last thing you want is to lug around a tote the size of a duffel or gym bag since you're erring on the side of caution.
Tweezers, chapstick, nail polish remover, deodorant and tissues are just part of your party night repertoire and even those aforementioned items sound as if they could clog a purse or handbag without much effort.
A better idea might be to search out so called "emergency" kits that piece together what you'll need at a moment's notice. The downside to these wonderfully pieced together ensembles is that they fail to capture a sense of style outwardly as far as presentation. Far too often, these kits fill a practical role with what is on the inside but the outside color of fashion sense leaves plenty to be desired.
Who wants to be toting around a bag that is remarkably bland, even if ultimately it serves a purpose? Putting chic together with functionality is what Pinch Provisions does with relative ease with its "Minimergency" kits. Take the Pinch Provisions "Skinny Minimergency Kit," which not only comes complete with a mini, built in mirror but just about anything else you can think of if your New Year's Eve outing goes horribly awry. Everything from stain remover to hairspray is packed neatly and nicely within the Pinch Provisions kit. Even better is the bag itself, which hardly looks out of place when you're out and about on New Year's Eve.
That's the kind of peace of mind that makes for a much more enjoyable night, no matter where the evening takes you.

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