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Tough Crowd: Cable and satellite sector is hotly contested marketplace

With powerhouses like Comcast, Verizon FIOS and Direct TV vying for cable and satellite supremacy, the idea that smaller entities competing in an already crowded field seems like wishful thinking.
In actuality, the little guys more often than not do enough to come up big.
Of course, there's no arguing that the aforementioned companies do just about everything right and have cornered the market when it comes to offering high powered internet, a plethora of entertainment in the form of hundreds of channels and the ability to watch TV on just about any device you own.
Just for fun, they throw in phone service, and bundled packages with price tags that are hard to resist. And, they're also hard to beat.
But in the cable, satellite, television and internet game, it's not so much about toppling the giants such as Comcast, Verizon FIOS or Direct TV as much as it is simply contending, holding your own and carving out enough of a niche to survive.

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Companies like Charter Communications and Century Link carry plenty of credibility with them but might not have the name value or marketing acumen or budget behind them to garner the title of "household names."
Century Link touts itself as the third largest communications company in the United States, and that is a fantastic tag line to keep customers at ease. But beyond just their standing within the cable industry, Century Link keeps pace with the pack beyond just a few sentences and manages to deliver on price over and above what a large competitor does. At this moment, Century Link is offering a can't miss $19.95 internet package and guarantees that price for a full five years, and that is minus signing a contract. They'll also be happy to bundle together all their services for less than $100.
Customers appreciate those types of offers and might be more inclined to give a company like Century Link a second look, as long they're available within their area. The same could be said for Charter Communications, which again goes after the masses by making a move for business that is predicated on price. Naturally, customer service plays a key role for both Charter and Century, but that avenue is nearly flawless for both companies.
Any time an organization can reach its maximum potential in terms of servicing customers and keeping its actual service or product in tact translates into success. As long as cable and communication companies like Charter Communications and Century Link keep that ideology, size won't matter.

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