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Age Appropriate: How to dress properly based on how old you are

You've heard the phrase uttered countless time to men: "Act your age." A big part of not acting your age for guys is the propensity to piece together a wardrobe that isn't even in the same ballpark with your age range.
So guys, how do you overhaul your wardrobe and learn to dress your age?
This question seems incredibly topical and relatively easy to solve from the perspective of an outside source. But men on the cusp of turning 30, 40, 50 or 60 might not be quite as easy to sway as far as changing their look for the sake of looking foolish.
While there are no hard and fast rules for what is on or off limits as far as age appropriate fashion for men is concerned, but some T-shirts, jeans, footwear and overall ensembles look remarkably out of place when donned by a person from the wrong decade.
Let's start with those ripped jeans, the ones with the holes in the thigh area or just below you back pockets. That look might have worked when you were in your 20s or if you're a rock and roll superstar in your 50s like David Lee Roth. But if you're a suburban dad en route to school for your child's Open House, then it's time to scale back to something that is a little more respectable.

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No, that doesn't mean you need a pair of baggy, bulky, unflattering and high waist "dad jeans," but rather something that is a compromise between being a guitar player for KISS and a dad in the midst of a really lame game of horseshoes.
And absolutely no "skinny" jeans or tapered leg ones. Who wants to see your jeans tightly woven around your ankles and tucked in to a pair of white sneakers? No one.
If you're going to argue that you seem celebrities attempt to look younger, that debate isn't going to be a winnable one. You're not Harrison Ford, and until you've acted in movies as the President of the United States or Hans Solo, you aren't permitted to get an earring in your 70s.
As far as T-shirts or jackets go, this one is a little trickier for guys. If you're in your 40s or 50s, then you might want to keep walking past Abercrombie & Fitch or attempting to squeeze yourself into a graphic T-shirt from American Eagle. The latter store isn't quite off limits as long as you keep it plain for the most part. It also wouldn't hurt to ensure that you're buying the right size. Unless you're the newest version of Jack Lalane, a skin tight shirt could flaunt more than you'd probably like to show if you're not in the greatest of shape.
Leather jackets also reside more on the younger generation spectrum, although a motorcycle jacket is acceptable, as long as you have a bike of course. The older crowd should consider a more demur, classier pea coat in any length or something that doesn't scream "mid-life crisis."
That means your bomber jacket is going to bomb if you decide not to retire it after you reach a certain age. Those adept at fashion and have a tremendous acumen for what looks great might also warn you about a hoodies in your 50s or 60s if you are opting to wear them anywhere but your couch.
Celebrating a milestone birthday and subsequently switching age brackets isn't the end of the world, but it hopefully will put an end to dressing well below your years and retiring a few garments that garner more laughable than lauded.

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