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Hidden Gem: Sprucing up your 2014 includes a jewelry makeover

The new year is filled with plenty of promises, some empty and other that get fulfilled with renewed optimism and a big smile to boot.
The former often finds you joining a gym and quitting or promising to be nicer to people at work, only to go right back to angrily slamming faxes down on a desk by mid January.
The latter reaction might come in the form of a new wardrobe or promising to reconnect with a sense of style if the previous year could be defined as "drab." It's easy to let the hustle and bustle of a daily routine get in the way of staying true to the fashion fixtures that once dominated your thinking. Perhaps in recent months or years, you've opted to forgo accessories, beautiful handbags, sparkling jewelry and a can't miss outfit in favor of a favorite pair of jeans and oversized sweatshirt.
If that's the case, the new year means its time to find a new you.
That awakening of sorts could start with a new hairstyle or digging through your closet and getting rid of the clothes you never wear or the ones you definitely shouldn't be. Maybe you can treat yourself to a pair of awe inspiring boots or footwear that screams fantastic, so you can retire those old sneakers that have seen better days.

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If you're talking total makeover, what about your jewelry? Are you still wearing a tired, old necklace? What about your earrings? Do they still sparkle or are they desperately in need of an overhaul?
Jewelry is a magical asset to any ensemble and can easily transform the simple into the extraordinary. The new year brings with it plenty of trends as far as jewelry is concerned. Depending on which side of the fashion bed you wake up on, some would point you in the direction of gold as the new No. 1. A few experts could argue that spikes and studs are a sign of the times in 2014.
When in doubt, you could always opt for a classic, timeless piece, like something from Neil Lane Designs. Their sterling silver earrings, rings that are terrific two tone designs and necklaces dripping in white gold all are remarkable, renowned choices that are can't miss.
Regardless of which direction you go, adding a little flare for the new year will go a long way to filling some of those so called empty promises.
And who knows, maybe you'll even stick with the exercise?

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