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Stick a Fork in it: Your diet is desperate for help

It's 2014, and you have the best intention to clean up your dieting woes.
As one of the more renowned resolutions, losing weight isn't possible until you put down the potato chips and pick up an apple from time to time. That transformation sounds simple when you say it out loud but the execution is hardly seamless.
You can run, lift weights or do Pilates until your blue in the face but if you haven't stopped your cheeseburger and fries for lunch or egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast protocol all the exercise in the world won't do you much good.
When it comes to eating, it's perfectly acceptable to ask for help, whether that is employing a dietician, nutritionist or a particular product that helps you ween off the snacks and sweets. Mapping out a game plan as far as what you eat makes perfect sense and is quite the prudent and practical move as you begin dropping pounds.
A good portion of those who struggle with overeating chow down subconsciously and often don't even realize that they're eating too much or too quickly, thus negating the feeling of fullness. In addition, plenty of people who have a hard time curbing their eating are the same demographic that prepares or orders more food than they can actually eat. That same group of people will typically continue to eat until their food is gone, even if they're not hungry.

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One way to solve this dilemma is to drink plenty of water before and during your meal. Opting for a diet soda or sugary drink actually could make you want to eat more and even crave a snack or more food after you've already eaten.
A unique take on eating too much food comes in the form of the HapiFork, a utensil that uses technology to take the edge off eating too quickly. This under $100 dieting gem actually sends a signal to the user letting them know when they start eating faster than they should be. The red light green light method employed by HapiFork tells you if you're actually take enough time, recommended at 10 seconds, between bites.
HapiFork also is wireless and can be used in conjunction with other fitness related apps to help you piece together the exercise package you've been looking for as your resolution turns into reality.
Dieting is a dirty job and someone, or something, has to do it.

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