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Home Improvement: Living room fitness feels just right

Millions will migrate to the gym in hopes of turning a new year into a new you.
But what if in your potential travels you realize that your commute to create a healthier lifestyle is much shorter than you expected.
Like from your bedroom to the living room.
A huge roadblock for the masses as far as joining a gym is the fear of being out of place, exiled or singled out as not belonging within the confines of this workout culture.
A few of the phrases you'll hear muttered by those on the cusp of joining a gym include "I have to get in shape to join a gym" or "everyone there is going to be in shape and I'll look foolish and feel uncomfortable."

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Those sentiments would suggest that exercisers have no problem opting to stay at home to exercise, and the workout DVD and at home product business is a multimillion dollar one.
Even the makers of the Nintendo brand threw its proverbial hat into the workout and exercise forum with games, devices and gadgets that promote fitness and doing it in the comfort of your home with its Nintendo Wii.
The benefits of not taking your exercise show on the road are plentiful but easily the most endearing attribute is not having to pack a gym bag, get in the car and actually drive somewhere. The flip side of that sequence is coming home and heading to the basement to hit the treadmill or even just incorporating a few body weight exercises that are just as good as a thousand dollar machine.
Negatively speaking, working out at home tends to provide a few more distractions than you'd run into at the gym. The local health club doesn't have your overflowing laundry basket, frozen chicken or a pile of bills staring you in the face. It's easy to set a time for your workout, only to have several other tasks get in the way.
The big difference between the demographic that embraces at home fitness and subsequently succeeds at it not getting too complicated with a workout and actually treating exercising at home like an appointment.
Most persons tend to assume that working out at home isn't going to match what goes on at the gym, but that just means they're associating cumbersome machines or personal trainers as their only means to achieve a particular goal.
Doing a few planks or pushups, jumping rope or doing a little Yoga or Pilates would easily suffice the average exerciser who isn't overly excited or interested in frequenting a gym after work or in their spare time.
As for the time element, you have to schedule your workout at home the same way you'd jot down a time for a dentist appointment or car repair. Otherwise, everything else under the sun, or in this case your roof, will get in the way.
If you can manage to stay on task, you'd be equally surprised and ecstatic that you've transformed your home into a haven for all of your health and wellness goals.

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