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Watching the Clock: Your wristwatch is a surprising look into who you are

Most consumers who wear a watch probably don't give their second hand a second thought.
Simply put, you have to wonder if buying a watch is a labor intensive process in the same vein as a car or home or if any, old timepiece would suffice.
Ironically, the watch you wear is more telling than you might think and truly gives a passer by a glimpse into just the type of person you are.
So what exactly does your watch say about you?
The Rolex is quite possibly the easiest watch to call, as the name and brand alone is riddled with respectability and often is considered the holy grail of watches. Having a Rolex often means that you've finally achieved some sort of financial status and wherewithal, and emoted a vibe that told anyone who knows you that you're successful in business.

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The flip side of that might be something that is incredibly outdated or fashionably challenged. That means if you're still rocking your calculator wrist watch, then it's time for a serious upgrade since no one is likely to take you serious if you're wearing one, unless of course you're a scientist or an extra on the "Big Bang Theory."
Does that mean if you don't wear a watch that you're a failure in your professional life. Well, not exactly but having one certainly would support the trend.
Spectrum Group's Millionaire Corner conducted a recent study that shows 67% of wealthy investors wear wristwatches. That number increases and directly proportional to wealth. Most of that percentage is an older demographic as the Spectrum Group's Millionaire Corner states that if you don't own an expensive timepiece, you're probably using younger and using your phone to tell time.
These statistics would suggest that a growing number of individuals, the newer generation of sorts, is opting to forgo the traditional watch and instead rely on your smart phone to tell everyone you're no dummy, and that telling time using a watch is quite passe.
But that doesn't mean the watch is ready to fall by the wayside. The younger, successful crowd still is buying watches, but not so much to tell time anymore.
Today's watches aren't a meld of practicality and poise but rather a style revelation or statement made solely for the purpose of looking great. Today's executive sees a watch as being no different than a specific shirt, tie, slacks or shoes.
It's about telling people about yourself in just a glance, rather than taking a quick look at your watch to tell time.
If you're an Iron Man contender, your watch will let people know that you're busy counting steps, not seconds or ready to dive into just about any event or excursion sight unseen.
Let's say your watch is modest, attractive but cleverly downplayed on your left or right wrist. That probably means you're remarkably social and don't necessarily take yourself too seriously, but still have a sense of drive and determination.
If your a Rolex or Swiss watch man, you're not afraid to let anyone know that you're a shark in the boardroom or whatever field you're in the midst of mastering. Your Rolex or Swiss watch is the closest thing to a trophy you can wear on your wrist.
Who knew something that was created to tell time could tell so much about you?
In reality, a watch isn't going to ultimately define who you are but it says enough to let onlookers know exactly what, and more importantly who, they're watching.
And you might just take a few more minutes to make your next watch purchase.

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