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Give them the Boot: Is your winter footwear really getting job done?

Boots are absolutely an essential in the winter months as consumers clamor for a combination of sleek, stylish, functional and fun.
This tall order begs the question: Do you boots fit the bill?
If you're shopping around for an upgrade and have determined its time to ditch those old boots, you certainly have a multitude of options and plenty of decisions to make as a result.
The days of slopping around in a less than stellar snow boot have been supplanted by renowned name brand companies piecing together a fashionable alternative for the winter season.
Hautelook is a heavy hitter as are as reputability in the fashion industry and they've melded its UGG Boot, which is equal parts practical and poetic in its simplistic design. The incredibly durable sole is hardly the focal point of this particular boot since the plethora colors and warmth often become the sole reason you're drawn to them.

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This type of boot represents exactly what you should be looking for as far as the total package. Often times, customers can't wait to buy a pair of "winter" boots that they'll be wearing for the season and opt to go with something that has then slipping and sliding for the entire cold weather season. Now the boots you buy and choose to pair with pair with a dress, suit or a more upscale outfit is a totally different story. You're not going to be apt, nor should you, to buy boots that look more like you're ready to build a snowman than frequent a slew of parties.
This pertains more to boots you'll be wearing casually or on a day to day basis, the ones that you'll pair with jeans or a warm sweater. These boots in question will be your weekend warriors, whether you're shoveling snow or spending hours upon hours walking through the mall.
If you're in the market for boots but want the option to mix and match colors, Boots by TwoAlity ushers in a unique take on swapping. This company sells what essentially is a clear boot and allows the customers to choose varying liners that can be interchanged accordingly. So one pair of boots essentially transforms into several so you're head to toe transformation is completely color coordinated. Even more endearing is the Boots by TwoAlity are waterproof and render rain, snow, sleet and ice virtually non existent.
This time around, as you're carefully choosing a set of boots, keep all the important elements of buying on the top of your priority list. This way, the bottom of your feet will thank you.

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