Clothes Encounter: Pet clothing is cute, but it is safe?

01/07/14 by George Arden

You can't argue that spotting a puppy dressed in a cute sweater or a cat that is sporting a beanie cap isn't incredibly cute. The discussion about whether or not it is ultimately safe for your pet is up for debate.
Precious often outweighs practical when pet owners mull over the decision as to whether your not they want to buy a Christmas sweater for their dog or a Halloween costume for a kitty. Those same owners will argue that the clothing is unquestionable safe, and if it wasn't, why would they sell it?
Clothing for pets isn't so much the issue at hand as the people who are buying it. You need to ask yourself a myriad of questions before you decide to buy anything from a shirt to booties for your pet.
Is the fabric safe for a pet to chew on?
How loose or tight should it fit?

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Is any type of clothing OK or can they get stuck and hurt themselves?
The general feeling is that most clothing is fine, but it should fit snug enough so they can't catch a stray paw in a T-shirt, no matter how cute it is, but not too tight that it presents a circulation issue. The clothing also shouldn't be so lose that it drags on the ground and presents a tripping hazard.
Most pet owners put forth the best intentions, and they assume that buying a sweater in the winter months is appropriate to keep man's best friend in your good graces and not freezing. The same could be said for spring, as an example, if you're adept at arguing that a mini rain coat could keep your pup anything but soaking wet.
That thinking makes sense, especially the cold weather issue. A lot of whether or not your dog is cold in the winter months depends on their size and breed. A huge, heavy wool sweater probably belongs doesn't belong on a Siberian Husky.
And you'd be advised to check the material on the sweater as well. Wool might not be the best choice, since it can leave your dog itching uncontrollably. That said, not all winter wear is bad for dogs. Many dogs don't mind having their feet shielded from cold sidewalks or trails in the colder months.
If the shoe fits, it won't hurt to put it on their paws.
As long as those shoes, and all the other clothing in your pet's closet, is a combination of adorable and applicable.

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