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Shirt Happens: Stains don't stand a chance against this fashion staple

The T-shirt is a staple, a must have in any man's wardrobe.
In other words, the T-shirt is the cornerstone of your style, whether you're simply wearing one on a cool summer day paired with cargo shorts and slip on shoes or are trying to find the perfect white shirt to wear under a collared shirt.
But even your durable, dependable T-shirt is terribly flawed when exposed to red wine, soda or sauce. Stains spell plenty of gloom and doom for even your favorite piece of clothing.
Until now. Enter the Silic T-Shirt.
This modern, futuristic T-shirt is aiming to end all of the worries you have when your T-shirt is left unprotected from food and drinks. The Silic T-shirt is more than just combed cotton but rather implements a fabric that renders the shirt impenetrable from even the most daunting potential stain.

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The shirt is appealing to more than just sloppy eaters or those who can't handle a drink without getting a few drops on their clothing. Equally appealing about the Silic T-shirt is its propensity to stop sweat stains in their tracks.
Most workout shirts claim to be "breathable," but the Silic T-shirt stands pat against even the most arduous workouts. Those same workout shirts that promise to wick stain away probably live up to their billing, but the Silic T-shirt does something even better: keeps those impressionable and unsightly under arm sweat stains from actually setting in for good.
Many men have had to say so long to their favorite gym shirt thanks to sweat stains that grow larger and more ghastly with every bicep curl or squat.
You could argue that the Silic T-shirt does have one flaw as far as being the T-shirt men simply can't live without: the price tag. The shirt retails for just a shade under $50 ($48 to be exact), and that price point could leave even the most awe inspiring innovations in front of a tough crowd.
At a closer look, this T-shirt flaunts an added dimension to the run of the mill short sleeved fare typically lining the shelves. When you consider most high end T-shirts tip the scales at about the same price as the Silic brand, it's easy to accept the price and hard to argue that the benefits of the Silic outweigh the cost.
No scrubbing stains or washing out food you've carelessly dropped on your shirt. If you don't believe what Silic can do, this T-shirt welcomes any and all challengers with one mantra in mind: Go ahead and take your best shot. This shirt can take it.

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