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Offensive Rebound: Tips to getting back on track financially takes patience post holiday

The holiday shopping has ended, and you can still envision plenty of smiling faces, only one of them might not be yours.
Depending on the route you took this holiday season, you may find yourself digging out of considerable debt next year when those credit card bills roll in, and you're trying to figure out where you might have gone wrong.
Everyone is tempted during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to simply overspend for the sake of ensuring Christmas is memorable from a gift giving standpoint. You sometimes forget that you only have so much money to spend, and conceivably turn to credit cards as your means to buy more than you can afford.
Credit cards are a guilty pleasure since they're so easy to use and equally effortless to forget about since the money you just spent didn't come from your bank account but rather is being borrowed temporarily. It's the latter half of that sentiment that you sometimes choose to ignore.
The trick isn't so much to dwell on what you've already done but rather turn over that proverbial new leaf and focus on what you can do to fix it relatively easy.

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Beverly Harzog is a credit card expert and the author of "Confessions of a Credit Card Junkie: Everything You Need to Know to Avoid the Mistakes I Made." The title of Harzog's book suggests she's been there and done that as it pertains to a few financial missteps.
"Sometimes, we have good intentions, but still end up in debt after the holidays," Harzog candidly admits. "Don't panic if you've spent too much on credit cards."
That seems like sound advice but the panic part is a little tough to hurdle if you're heavy on debt and light on cash.
On of the best and most practical tips Harzog delves into is to simply stop using your cards and start cutting items out of your budget, even if only temporarily, until you get back on track. She isn't suggesting that you should go without all your favorite cable television channels for the rest of 2014 but rather scale it back a bit in the interim. That way, your extra income can be put to good use to pay off that high interest credit card debit.
According to Harzog, forgoing using your credit cards after the holiday season is paramount and possibly is the most critical step in this entire process. Adding debt during the holidays isn't anything new, but if you have a penchant for using your credit cards frequently even when it isn't the season for buying gifts, then you might find yourself in serious trouble.
Those propositions put forth by Harzog can be implemented for just about anyone, and you don't have to be a financial guru to get where you want to be. That said, she's also dished out some dirt for those consumers who don't mind working just a little harder to fine tune their credit acumen and go a few steps further. That above and beyond mentality, according to Harzog, includes contacting a credit card company to negotiate a lower rate or possibly looking longer and harder into a balance transfer.
The latter step might frighten a few consumers but overall a transfer simply equates to a lower interest rate over whatever the promotional duration is on a specific card.
Any of the aforementioned options, even if you only choose to use one or two, could be the difference between a post holiday hangover and turning that frown upside down.

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