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Flying High: Private jets no longer reserved for the rich

When you hear the words "private jet" uttered as far as a legitimate means of traveling, you're probably quick to dismiss that form of transportation as one reserved for the financially wealthy.
Private jets are for the likes of Jay-Z, Donald Trump, Bill Gates or anyone else with a portfolio that is packed with plenty of assets and discretionary income.
In a perfect world, those who choose to fly would forgo the idea of checking in bags, waiting in long lines or enough fees to send you fleeing from the airport. But there's no way any, old person can opt to eliminate the hassle of flying through traditional means and take a private jet as a viable option.
Jumpjet, the first and only private jet membership club, would argue other
"Flying private is the ultimate luxury, and we are making private flying as affordable as an airline seat," said Jumpjet Chief Executive Officer Will Ashcroft. "Giving a loved one the gift of traveling with ease and comfort is an unforgettable gesture that they will cherish throughout their membership experience."

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Cherishing a gift is one thing but praising it because of its practicality is truly what makes flying privately not only a high class experience, but also eliminates the headaches of dealing with the airlines.
If customers are able to expedite their means of getting from point A to B at relatively the same cost, minus the annoyance of flying, then what's not to love about that?
A recent study courtesy of the U.S. Travel Association depicts that most travelers view the idea of flying commercially as annoying, especially during the recently completed holiday season. Jumpjet interjects itself into the mix and shows strong appeal to the traveling demographic that certainly isn't enamored with flying via the airlines.
Jumpjet wants to bridge that previously wide gap between private jet transportation and airline travel by offering packages in the early part of 2014 that are incredibly affordable and remarkably convenient for consumers. Those rates are reasonable, and the cost is predicated on just how many time zones you fly through, which seems fair in the minds of consumers.
And that mentality on the part of Jumpjet translates into not only increased revenue for the company but opens up an entirely new demographic that might be interested in a product previously thought unattainable. For the customer, it provides choice and doesn't necessarily pigeon hole their traveling into just one avenue.

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