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Lemon Aids: This powerful yellow fruit flexes its multi faceted muscles

When life gives you lemons, you actually can make more than just lemonade.
This fruit feels more like just a means of making a sweet, summertime drink as it also is expertly adept at being talented on varying levels, whether you're talking about extending the life of your skin or simply improving your overall health and wellness.
That's right, lemons are universally lauded for its array of usefulness, especially in the midst of the winter months.
Those cold, blustery days deemed too frigid often result in dry skin, chapped lips and that leads to plenty of unhappy people for at least a few months until spring returns.
Enter lemons to the rescue.

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Lemons actually work wonders for chapped lips and dry skin. The latter comes in the form of mixing lemon juice and honey and the applying to your face. According to the company Limoneira, lemons contain hydroxyl acid, which is an ingredient found in beauty products.
And if any entity knows the scoop on lemons, it's Limoneira.
Limoneira is an agricultural company based on California and is one of the larger providers of lemons and avocados. They're incredibly well respected and renowned in their field as being incredibly progressive in how it does business on a variety of levels.
Before you accuse Limoneira of being partial to lemons, they're reputation affords them the opportunity to do a little bragging but with just cause.
Like those chapped lips; mixing cream, lemon juice and honey and put that potion on your pouty lips and watch them naturally return to form.
From hair, skin and lips to overall health, lemons might not make you life longer per say, but they certainly won't hurt your chances, either. Lemons are linked to helping with losing weight, lowering cholesterol or helping with a sore throat or the common cold.
Winter isn't just a month associated with cold weather, but sickness also runs rampant in that season. Lemon lives up to the hype and when mixed with honey and ginger tea, can crush even the most competent of colds. Sore throats don't stand a chance either with just a little lemon and hot water.
Naturally, the new year is all about losing weight, and, you guessed it, lemons allow you at least a chance to tackle those extra pounds.
A little lemon added to a meal makes you feel fuller longer.
Lemons provide a wealth of use, and they don't need Limoneira to do much of the talking for them. Their benefits speak for themselves.

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