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Foots in Boots: Buying winter footwear for kids can be taxing

Buying any type of clothing for kids has its limitations. Kids know what they want and like, but often the shirts, pants and accessories don't possess the kind of practicality and durability parents opine for when they make a purchase.
This is particularly apparent when it comes to footwear, namely winter boots. Cold weather, slippery surfaces and snow covered sidewalks make for anything but sure footing. Parents are especially focused on buying boots that ensure their kids are well protected from those aforementioned elements.
But most winter boots barely register with kids from a fun factor, and usually the ones that are deemed safe are sorely lacking with any type of style or design worth noting.
Such is the stalemate when it comes to buying apparel and boots for kids. So what exactly is a happy medium when it comes to footwear between parents and kids?
A few contenders emerge from the crowded and competent field of kids' winter boots.

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Sorel Cub Boots and Northside Frosty Boots share a commonality in that they're incredibly easy to put on and take off. Nothing is quite as frustrating and annoying as kids' boots that fit a little too snug and are painfully difficult to remove. Trying to corral a cold, wet child after hours of playing in the snow is hard enough, much less trying to wrestle boots off their soaked feet.
Zoubaby is a wonderful meld of innovation and inspiration. The boots are awe inspiring with a myriad of colors to choose from, but the real draw is the ability to personalize the footwear. Zoubaby allows customers to create their own distinct boots with your child's initials or a specific accent color for added flare.
Zoubaby even encourages parents to let their kids design their own boots, which can be an exciting avenue for children, and eliminates the hassle of going to the store and spending countless hours not agreeing on what everyone likes.
Red with green trim makes for great holiday boots or maybe you can combine varying colors of the rainbow for a boot that resonates with parents and kids alike. Zoubaby, however, doesn't forget about what parents want most from boots for their kids: quality.
Zoubaby boots keep your feet dry with remarkably resilient lining. In addition, while mom is buying a boatload of Zoubaby boots for her kids, she also has the option of buying beautiful boots for herself, too.
Now, mom and kids can go home happy after shopping.

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