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Bombs Away: Signs of a movie flop aren't hard to figure out

Turns out, no one really believed in Justin Bieber's "Believe."
The mega music, teeny bopping superstar can sure sell plenty of albums, but his movie career got off to a rocky start. His movie "Believe," a documentary about his music career, barely scratched the surface as far as box office revenue is concerned, but his failures aren't exactly anything new for musicians turned actors.
The likes of Madonna, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey all took massive swings at feature films and failed just as miserably as Bieber did. In short, they should stick to the recording studio and stay far away from any movie set.
Including a musician as a lead actor or actress is the first, of many, signs that a movie is bound to flop at the movies. Paying $10 per movie ticket and two hours of your life you can't get back might make you want to stop, think and ultimately decide if the movie you're about to see truly is worth your time and money.
Thankfully, you can spot a flop a mile away.

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Aside from handing over the reigns of a movie to someone who is better equipped for a concert tour, you can always tell a movie isn't going to muster much steam when it the stars actors who have seen better days.
In addition to the actors, the marketing and reviews make a big difference and would be movie goers should pay close attention to the rhetoric. You'll be certain that a movie is worth skipping if you can't find one, single review for it online or the review doesn't see the light of day until after the release date.
As far as that release date, have you ever noticed that on certain movies it changes a few times?
That probably isn't the best news if you have your heart set on seeing a particular flick. Pushing the release date back sometimes can be just an innocent switch, but more often than not it is directly related to rewriting a scene or totally scrapping the beginning or end. Any time you have to spend more time in the editing room, that usually signals less people watching and subsequently revenue that reeks.
Equally hard to stomach is marketing of a movie that includes big name, marque movie stars but fails to capture the attention of the consumer by showing a picture of them. If you have the likes of Tom Cruise touted for a movie, such as the "Knight and Day" from a few years back, and your means of marketing is to put the name "Cruise" in black and white letters, chances are you're not putting a lot of stock in the endeavor.
If nothing else, adding a picture of Cruise could at least get a few more eyes to pay attention to the movie. Choosing not to suggests to audience that the writers, directors or producers aren't exactly enamored with the final product.
Chances are, you probably will feel the same way.

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