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Baby Wait: Tips for losing post baby pounds puts emphasis on patience

Maria Kang became a household name and came under fire as the "hot" Facebook mom when she uploaded a picture of herself with a tag line that read "What's Your Excuse?"
The phrase was taken as a direct shot by women who struggle with their weight, especially after they've had a child.
Kang insisted that she was merely celebrating those who pride themselves on a toned physique, like hers, and don't bother with all the reasons why they can't lose weight.
Obesity and struggling with weight is a very touch subject, and Kang certainly hit a nerve with women. To some, she's motivation. To others, she prides herself on putting down plus size women.
The former group probably would enjoy her recently released "2014 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar" that features Kang on the cover. The various months of the year showcase other moms who have bested the post baby pounds, much like Kang had done after her three children.

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Regardless of your personal opinion of Kang, she's probably falls somewhere in the middle as far as adulation versus annoyance.
She's trying to inspire women to lose weight, but her over the top delivery probably struck a few nerves along the way, particularly if that same group of females are failing to lose the dreaded "baby weight."
In the midst of the firestorm Kang is causing and once you sift through the silliness and insanity, there's a valid point in the midst of all this public pandemonium: exercising is extremely paramount after pregnancy.
But the question isn't so much how to get started but rather what exercises are most beneficial?
The key to kicking those excess pounds to the curb is patiently piecing together a workout that eases you back into exercise. The last thing you want to do, if you exercised before or moderately during your pregnancy, is to immediately start running 10 miles a day or hitting the kickboxing classes hard.
Start with something moderate like light squats or situps on the floor. If you want to add a little more difficulty to those exercise, you may want to implement a Kettle Bell on the former and maybe extend your arms out completely for the latter.
What cast Kang in a negative light for some is not so much her message per say but that she took a more crass approach with her catch phrase and showing off her six pack abs. Not everyone bounces back to that degree, and Kang didn't perhaps think that far ahead when she box jumped on to her soap box.

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