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Book Smarts: Tutors takes on a new shape thanks to technology

As a parent, watching your kids struggle with schoolwork, take home tests or the general day to day routine of trying to keep up with the rest of the class can be just as painful for you as it is for your kids.
Throw in the added inconvenience of various breaks in the school calendar, like the recently completed holiday vacation, and you may find your child even further behind the curve as a result.
Often for mom and dad it can be tough to decipher why a child is struggling with their schoolwork. Even more daunting is getting kids to admit they're actually having trouble; one of the first signs is poor grades, followed by plenty of assurance from your kids that everything is fine and they just need to work harder.
But sometimes hard work only translates into more frustration, and kids can inwardly harbor that frustration and feel inadequate, scared or dumb if they admit to their parents that they just can't grasp geometry, chemistry or biology.
So how do parents ultimately help kids get better grades?

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Not that long ago, parents would scour the Yellow Pages or talk to other moms and dads to help employ the services of a tutor, someone that would come to your house and give kids help over and above what is being taught in school.
That practice has stood the test of time, but technology has given the timeless art of homework helping a bit of a 2014 makeover.
Web sites such as Tutor.com take tutoring to an entirely new level, one that infuses a whenever, where ever approach to teaching. Because Tutor.com not only employs some of the more competent, reliable and renowned tutors but also allows allows children to access the homework help they need through their computer at any time of the day.
The ability to maintain your tutoring schedule even when you're not in school is paramount at pushing kids across the finish line, and ensures that they don't fall behind even in the midst of a break. Because Tutor.com is totally integrated as far as how the lessons are conveyed, it truly provides kids with a virtual classroom on their home computers, laptops or even smart phones and tablets. Tutor.com isn't shy about touting their success rate, and that almost 100% of the students who implement their services get better grades and finish their home work, and the school year, strong.
A big reason students and children turn the corner when it comes to completing their homework and better understanding what's put in front of them is the classroom is confidence that they're not the only ones who aren't grasping what is being taught.
Tutor.com allows those who feel as though they're falling behind to pull even with the rest of the pack and flourish in the classroom environment in ways they never thought possible.

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