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Video (Games) Killed the Retail Star: Keeping up with newest latest video game system is a losing battle

From Super Mario Brothers to Call of Duty, video games give us tremendous enjoyment but with that pleasure comes plight in the form of the actual gaming consoles.
With the release of PlayStation 4 roughly two months away, the question that abounds is one that wonders aloud not so much the quality or amazement of the video game consoles but rather the reasoning behind their arrivals: Is it really worth upgrading to a new console system, in this case PlayStation 3 to 4?
Now of course, the makers of PlayStation 4 have little doubt within their own walls regarding the reason for the release: sales revenue and profit. What likely will retail for between $400-500 certainly translates into a fantastic fourth quarter for Sony in 2013 or the first quarter of 2014. Sony undoubtedly will hit the marketing hard as the holiday season arrives, and consumers certainly will be waiting in line to buy the latest and greatest piece of video game technology.
But suppose you're on the fence and you don't have an extra $500 lying around or a penchant for putting up a nice chunk of change for PS4. Despite commercials and online ads suggesting otherwise, you shouldn't feel guilty for passing on PS4, especially if you already own a PS3.
Truth be told, the general consensus as far as this particular upgrade from Sony or video game system upgrades in general is that the benefits or changes hardly justify the cost involved. Ask any video gaming guru about the changes from PS3 to 4 and the response probably will go something like this: "Not much."

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That is hardly a vote of confidence from a customer base, and the casual retailer probably has the same temperament. Those who already own an incredible, comparable gaming system, whether that is PS3 or Xbox, often don't see the need to change from one to another, even if the latter is newer. A lot of that decision is predicated on price but also doing research and realizing that only a modicum of changes have been implemented.
Sure, the real hardcore gamers will pull a "War of the Worlds" like scare to the masses as far as promising that the makers of lesser gaming consoles will start making games only for the newest models. That very well be true but a smart, composed consumer follows that proclamation up with another modest question: "Yes, but how many years from now is that actually going to happen."
The upside to upgrading needs no introduction or explanation: you have the newest product on the market. But not everyone needs that kind of retail reassurance and is perfectly happy with the equally superb status quo.

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