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Hardly Qualified: Nabbing a new job hardly what is once was

A firm handshake followed by an on the spot interview are tales of a job market and application process from the past, an employment related endeavor that has changed radically over the past 20 years and some would argue not for the better.
Days of walking into a company and applying in person or dropping off a hard copy resume exist but only in bits and pieces. Today's version of that shreds the notion of paperwork and favors sitting comfortably behind a computer and submitting one resume and cover letter after another that mirrors more of an assembly line that actual art form as far as tailoring the documents with job specificity.
For applicants, applying online seems simple and convenient at the core but those job seekers lose a lot of personal touch and true impression as a result.
The only impression that exists in today's day and age of the online herding of resumes by an employer is how well you can write, spell or if you happen to hit on any number of key words or phrases. Those key words ultimately determine whether your resume or cover letter wind up in the "yes" or "no" pile.
Now, this isn't suggesting that qualifications aren't incredibly paramount as part of this process. If you're applying for a job as a nurse and you only have experience in customer service at a bank, then the key words naturally are a moot point.

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This is more of a notation of sorts for applicants right on the cusp of all the qualifications and have the necessarily experience or something at least close to what is desired by the employer. Despite having all the criteria in order, your chances might not be as promising as you think.
You see, employers often are inundated with resumes and cover letters and thus employ a human resources person or office manager to sit and check that for words or phrases first and foremost within the submitted documents or paperwork from the job seeker. The end result is often a motley crew of miscast characters huddled in a room, destined to be part of the ever annoying "heavy turnover" crowd.
The online only process isn't without its winning moments as well and there's probably a lot of positive stories that come from simply surveying and selecting a list of candidates. But the question still remains: what could have been? Did you or the hiring person pass on a person that is tailor-made for the job simply thanks to only hitting on five or six necessary buzz words.
And perhaps the biggest question that hovers around this technology savvy selection process: how can you truly tell a person's character or pick up on the ever important ques without actually meeting them?
In this modern job market world, you may never really find out for sure.

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