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Road Less Traveled: Looking like a slob doesn't have to be the norm while traveling

The terms "travel" and "fashion" typically don't mesh well, unless you consider a comfortable, velvet sweatsuit as dapper or designer as part of the car ride to and from a particular destination.
Or what about that poor slob standing in line or sitting waiting for a flight? Do you think to yourself, 'Why does he look homeless?' or 'Couldn't they find a T-shirt that fits or doesn't have stains all over it?"
Yes, the tendency for travel is typically to look like a bum because you "want to be comfortable" and not constricted while on the plane or riding for hours in a car.
But is it possible to meld fashion in its truest and most stylish sense with travel in the form of clothing that sends a message to everything from Fashion Week to Fifth Avenue?
So maybe you don't need to take a form of transportation and look as though you just stepped off a fashion runway but who says you have to look like you sleep on the runway, either?

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The most common piece of clothing that goes hand-in-hand with travel is athletic or tennis shoes. Dress up those kicks with something in the form of a slip-on or nicely groomed running or all-purpose sneakers as opposed to what you cut wear to cut grass or work in the yard, even if you insist that the lack of laces makes them that more enjoyable to wear.
Despite summer coming to an end, the travel season knows no boundaries and thus fall and winter getaways are incredible popular and so is keeping warm when the weather doesn't compromise. That being said, ditch the oversized sweaters and opt for something cute; no, that doesn't mean the sweater you only break out during the holidays with a Christmas tree on it but rather something simple from the likes of J. Crew or GAP. No one wants to see you in your college sweatshirt that is 20 years old and should have been retired to the attic with those textbooks you used.
And, of course, once you arrive at your destination, you should truly embrace the city, state or country you're visiting. One design company, CITYZEN by Azin, took that advice literally when they carefully crafted dresses that look like specific cities, but not quite the way you think.
No, these form-fitting, phenomenal dresses don't look like maps per say but rather are inspired by a satellite view of a city like New York, Chicago or even Hong Kong. They take that unique take on a major city and create a dress that mirrors that to unbelievably rave reviews and results.
Pretty soon, all you'll be hearing from onlookers when you're traveling is a common sentiment: "What a view."

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