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Toasted: Congratulations are in order for the newly married coupled but is your gift worth gazing at?

Once the joy, excitement, happiness and stress (of planning) subside and the glitz, glamor and dust from your wedding day settles and the proverbial smoke clears, the newly christened husband and wife are fired up about tackling those tantalizing gifts.
Wedding bliss can wait in favor of combing through cards and carefully wrapped presents in search of the essentials for your new home. But what if you're already well-equipped as far as furniture goes and have enough appliances and end tables to suffice the kitchen and living room, respectively? Now what? Truth be told, in this day and age, most would be married couples already are living together and the idea of buying them their first coffee table or coffee pot isn't practical or realistic anymore.
And the thought of getting yet another tame toaster or lackluster microwave isn't necessarily a honeymoon in waiting for the new bride and groom.
That's when the onus falls on the wedding guests to deliver in a big way. The bride and groom spent months, and in some cases years, planning this shindig and it is up to the attendees to step up to the plate and deliver in the form of unique, thought-provoking gifts that garner the attention of the married couple.
Something really exciting and fun that should get plenty of consideration is a gift registry that helps lead wedding guests in the right direction. MyRegistry.com hits that nail right on the head with a gift registry that allows the bride and groom to let the guests know that their cash gifts will go toward a happier honeymoon. Couples who use MyRegistry.com can get super specific with exactly the activity they plan on doing on their honeymoon and thus makes the guests feel engaged in the process, rather than blindly shelling out a few dollars.

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Those guests incredibly close to the couple also can do a little more digging and find out exactly where the bride and groom are headed on their honeymoon and buy gift certificates for applicable endeavors, be it golfing, cruises or any number of fun-filled gestures.
And speaking of gestures that truly drive off the beaten path, how about a wedding gift suggestion that suggests no traditional wedding at all. OK, so maybe that might be a bit of a stretch but if you're a potential wedding guest who knows deep down the couple is getting frustrated with all this planning and prodding as far picking a hall, caterer and menu.
Want the perfect gift for a couple contemplating eloping? Why not suggest a winter wedding in the wonderland known as Las Vegas, specifically the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Marathon and ½ Marathon. On November 17 of this year, Las Vegas is lights, camera and action as usual but the "action" on this date is race that doubles as a wild wedding reception. Participants can take part in the race and then take second to seal the deal with their beloved bride or groom to be.
The consensus is getting creative from a gift giving standpoint isn't crazy by any means and should be seen as customary to make any wedding a winner.

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