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Time Element: Everyone would workout, if they had the time

If you've heard the excuse once, you've heard it a thousand times: "I don't have time to go to the gym."
That sentiment isn't quite as prevalent this time of year as the new year has re-energized the masses into hitting the health clubs with a renewed sense of optimism.
At least for now.
Usually around March, those same gym goers who feverishly and fervently decreed that 2014 was their year to get fit have magically found their way back to the couch. Once again, time wasn't on their side. Between work and the rigors of a daily routine that could potentially include picking up the kids, grocery shopping and making dinner, it's no wonder the wondrous world of push ups, sit ups and squats suffered an agonizing death before spring has sprung.
The trick to keeping your January tenacity for the entire year when it comes fitness is modifying a work out that isn't realistic and fits within the confines of a realistic day. That means if you're planning on working out at 3 in the morning because "no one will bother you" isn't exactly a full proof plan.

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From a time standpoint, you want to integrate your exercise, rather than make a special trip. That means packing a gym bag in the morning and stopping at the gym on your way home, rather than stopping home first and then hoping you have enough energy to eat dinner and peel yourself away from the television.
Those tips certainly go a long way to ensuring a better plan to maintain your exercise regimen, but a lot of what ails you as far as working out goes is wasted time in places you never really pay much attention to on a daily basis.
Kathy Kaehler is a lifestyle and fitness expert who points out plenty of places you can cut back on time, and continually asks the question: How do you exercise more and spend less time wasting time?
Kaehler doesn't focus on the obvious when it comes to collecting extra minutes and spare hours throughout the course of the day, time that can then translate into going to the gym. Instead, Kaehler can't help but wonder how much time you'd save if you simply picked out your work clothes for the following day the night before, rather than standing blindly for an hour and staring into your closet. And what about that post work trip to the grocery store; Kaehler suggests that those who head to the produce aisle with a plan in the form of a list make better time than those who simply are content "winging it."
You'll also be flying high with extra time for the gym, according to Kaehler, if you take the first parking spot available, rather than drive around aimlessly, or buy tickets to your favorite movie online before the showtime, instead of waiting in line.
These tips might sound minimal in nature, but Kaehler makes a valid point regarding time and how it pertains to having more of it for fitness. It's the same principle when it comes to budgeting money. Those who are successful at it aren't afraid to count every last cent, while those who struggle financially assume that saving a few dollars here and there won't amount to much.
Imagine if you save 10 minutes out of each day; that means you'll have an extra hour each week to devote to your health, wellness and making fitness more reality that fiction.
And, finally, time will be on your side.

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