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Cold Front: Keeping kids warm is paramount in frigid temps

Sub zero temperatures blanked the northeastern part of the country, leaving schools closed, businesses with barely any customers and concerns running roughshod among those facing these arctic conditions. The negative temperatures quickly transform into a positive thought process in terms of minimizing exposure, especially for children.
You'll hear plenty of weather related rhetoric suggesting staying home to bundling up to the point that you can barely move your arms, but is there really any iron clad defense to keeping warm when temperatures are well blow zero?
Layering is lauded as an important aspect of staying warm when its cold outside but that could also lead to dehydration, particularly when kids are outside playing. Just because the sun is tucked behind snow clouds or the temperature isn't 90 plus degrees doesn't mean that you don't need plenty of water when you're exerting energy.
A common mistake made by moms and dads is assuming kids won't need hydration in the colder months, when the temperature is a moot point when it comes to expelling energy. It's also important to keep kids' heads, feet and hands covered and layered so the onset of frostbite doesn't occur. It's important to urge kids that if their feet get wet, they should immediately come indoors. Wet feet combined with freezing temperatures spells trouble for hands and feet.
Starting at the top, as in the head, kids should always wear hats when they're out in the cold. You've probably seen at one time or another a shot of an athlete playing sports in the cold without a hat and steam rising from their head. That is a combination of sweat and heat escaping from their heads; wearing a hat will retain roughly half of your body heat.

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Part of that outdoor fun includes kids wearing socks that hardly withstand the winter weather and either bunch up at the ankle and eventually slide off the foot entirely. Babies, especially, don't give signs that they're freezing, and aren't able to shiver to show cold.
Various products, like Mocc Ons, make retaining those socks a little easier. Mocc Ons are soft, stretchy but fit snug and make it hard for your little ones to flip them off their feet. These slipper socks ensure warmth, durability and pair nicely with a pair of shoes for ultimate comfort and practicality when the weather turns frightful.
Obviously, the preference is keeping kids indoors when it comes to freezing temperatures, but that isn't always an option. In lieu of leaving them next to the fireplace or tucked away under a warm blanket, your best bet is bundling and not believing that the cold can't specifically affect you.

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