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Dressed to Thrill: Looking professional and feeling comfortable the ultimate win win

For those who spend countless hours in three piece suits or dressed dapper on daily basis, you're almost always overjoyed to hear three wonderful words within the office: "dress down day."
Who wouldn't love to ditch their expensive duds in favor of a pair of comfortable jeans, a nice sweater or something that is a happy medium between your traditional work attire and pajamas? That respite from your regular digs is definitely an upside, whether the boss decrees dress down day on a Friday or opts for a mid week surprise for employees.
And then, of course, one person pushes the envelope a bit too far, and the subsequent memo reads as follows: "Dress Down Day is Canceled Until Further Notice." You won't have to look too far to figure out which employee ruined casual dress day for the rest of the bunch. That person is probably the same one you spotted wearing grungy clothes, ripped jeans or a T-shirt that looked good on them in college.
Those poor inner office fashion choices, even for a dress down day, probably costs the entire group the chance to wear something a little more casual once and a while.
Thanks to your sloppy co worker, you'll probably be forced to dress sensible for the foreseeable future, which begs the question: How do you properly dress down without looking shoddy as a result?

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The easy options to keep casual Friday in check is to forgo the obvious and make sure what you're wearing isn't ratty, overly rebellious (remember, you're not in high school) or riddled with inappropriate language.
Plenty of clothing companies recognize a need for office garb that is genuinely comfortable, soft and allows employees to "get away with" wearing pants or shirts that look the part of professional but secretly feel more like you're lounging on the sofa in sweatpants.
One of the better examples of this is the aptly titled Dress Pant Yoga Pants from Betabrand. They've managed to muster up enough style and fashion in the form of yoga pants that look like they could easily be mistaken for something suitable for a boardroom meeting.
The trick to fooling even the most astute office manager or executive is fashioning yoga pants that have pockets and buttons, both of which are found on the Dress Pant Yoga Pants. This pseudo work attire is incredibly durable and appropriate Monday through Friday or in the off chance dressing down is deemed acceptable.

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