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Desk Flare: Your office needs a pick me up

When you talk about giving a specific room a much needed makeover, you're mostly likely talking about your kitchen, living room or even a stray bedroom or two.
But what about your office, whether that is at home or at work?
If you're still sitting at that same, drab chair or sporting a desk and office supplies that fail to capture the imagination, you're simply not trying hard enough to infuse a little life into a place where you spend most of your time.
Consider that you 1/3 of your time at work, and your office often can transform into a second home of sports for you, so why not make it as fun, inviting and festive as possible?
That aspect of your work area often gets overlooked, even though a few bright folders or anything else that adds a little sunshine to your eight hour work day actually can make you into a more productive, smarter and happier employee once that 40 hour work week wraps up.

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Rather than look at overhauling your office as a long term, labor intensive process, you might want to focus on some of the smaller aspects that make a big difference.
How about a few Kate Spade binder clips that sport clever, catchy sayings on them? Everything from "Get a Grip" to "In a Pinch" adorn these unique clips, which also come in a variety of colors. Who needs that plain, black clasp when you can enjoy a 30 page report underscored with a little brightness throughout the day.
A simple, decorative clip or colorful push pins just might put you in a better mood, in addition to taking something as rudimentary and customary as a calendar and tossing it aside in favor of something a little different. Instead of a free desk calendar that is passe, try something more like the Cubes Perpetual Calendar. A multitude of colors underscore this unique take on reminding yourself the day, month and year. This calendar is totally interactive and allows you to do more than just tear away a paper sheet to show a new day has dawned. Instead, you'll be enjoying flip flopping the cubes that comprise all the pertinent information you can ask for from a calendar.
Let's say your office space is less work and more play, so why not make it a little playful in the process. One staple, aside from staples, that you simply can't overlook is the Funnybone Muse and its Rolli Stamps. Perfect for the arts and crafts lover, the name pretty much sums up this alluring addition to your scrap booking repertoire with these distinct patterns that come individually, personalized design.
And isn't that the exact word that should define any office space: personalized. If you're office dwelling doesn't say something about you, then it's probably high time you take a much needed sabbatical.

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