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Baby Boom: Your bundle of joy is on the way but are you ready?

Moms and dad expecting their first child will constantly remind themselves that they're absolutely ready to welcome their new baby with open arms and drawers filled with plenty of baby bottles, pacifiers, clothes and socks.
But beyond the essentials, it would be incredibly easy for new parents to let something simple slip their mind or look beyond the basic and forget something that is either a necessity or even an item or product that might make life a lot easier moving forward.
Baby showers certainly help shoulder a good bit of the burden, as friends, family members and co workers come out in droves and indulge the mom to be with enough baby related fare to fill an entire room, hopefully in this case the one for the baby.
Gift giver and yourself included probably have fantastic intention when you're out shopping for baby products, but it is important to remember a few tips along the way, such as avoiding anything with ropes, tassels or small pieces for choking hazard reasons.
Volume also plays a key role in gearing up for your new arrival. If you've ever paid attention to a baby shower, one of the more common lines you'll hear from the person opening the gifts is "you can never have too many (insert name of gift here)." That resonates plenty as moms and dad don't want to plan on having only a handful of one piece outfits, shirts or anything else you'll be changing several times throughout the day. The general rule of thumb when it comes to swapping those aforementioned clothing items is to have at least one for every day of the week, factoring in washing clothes at least every third day.

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Don't forget, too, the important of traveling with your baby when the time comes. That includes a durable, safe car seat and, weather permitting, clothing that keeps them warm and is plenty easy to put on and take off.
And the crown jewel of new parenting are the diapers. You should expect to go through at least a dozen a day so don't be afraid to drop hints to those same baby shower attendees that you wouldn't mind a gift card to Target or Walmart to stock up.
You'd also be wise to stock up on products that will help parents get through those first few colds or stuffed up noses. BabyComfyNose is a remarkable product that helps tame sinus colds, mucus and congestion in a completely sanitary way.
In the midst of stockpiling baby gear for the foreseeable future, you may find yourself forgetting about another important person: you. Moms need to make sure they're collecting clothing during their pregnancy and once the baby is born.
There's nothing wrong with browsing a few maternity stores but if you're interesting in combining the best of all worlds when it comes to what to wear, you'd be advised to find a piece of clothing that is multi-talented.
Dressed to Deliver fits that mold masterfully as a 3 in 1 dress slash gown that is equal parts maternity dress and delivery gown. But don't be fooled into thinking Dressed to Deliver is dull or reeks of hospital style; it's the exact opposite. They sport all the practicality of a hospital gown, minus the messy ties in the back and bland color scheme.
Your moment of joy when your bundle of joy arrives undoubtedly changes your life for the better and forever. Making the transition from pregnancy to parenting should be underscored with all the happiness and emotion you'd expect, along with a feeling of security that you're as prepared as you possible could be.

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