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Clean Freak (OUT): Organization is hardly overrated when it comes to keeping order at home

Whether you're frantically in search for your car keys or simply can't remember where you put that pesky, albeit important, paperwork, you've come to a very distinct and important conclusion: you need to get organized.
Those still denying they have a penchant for messiness would argue that their lack of tidiness has a method behind the proverbial madness. One quick look at their apartment, home, office or even their car, however, suggests that they simply refuse to throw things away or don't mind spending countless hours sifting through the wreckage in search of something as simple as a pen.
This same group of people are the same ones who, when you tell them to write down an important phone number, pull out a random piece of paper and jot down those important digits, only to realize they can't find them a few hours later.
To some, the idea of getting organized seems like a laborious undertaking since they've already opted for years to put things basically wherever they see fit. Taking control of getting organized as part of the new year is appropriate since January is considered National Organization Month.
The "how to" of getting back on track in this regard should be peered upon with the same consistency and patience you'd adopt if you were starting a workout routine. In other words, nothing is going to get fixed in a week.

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Rather, you should focus on the easy part of organization: finding a place designated for certain things. Although this sounds trivial, it actually is quite hard to grasp for the organizationally challenged. If you have an office, put all your pens there. If you have a hook just inside your front door for keys, put them there.
OK, you get the idea.
Combing the aisles of your favorite retail or grocery store also could prove plenty tangible for taking aim at cleaning up a few messy, clutter filled spots in your home. Anything from an unfolded ironing board to shoes tossed haphazardly under a bed could quickly get out of control. The former is especially daunting as the ironing board left out could transform into a place to store your spare change or anything else that found its way into your pocket, like a business card.
You should be all business when it comes to what you're buying for clutter spots like your kitchen pantry or under the bed. Bed Bath and Beyond makes a marvelous Over the Door Shoe Organizer for less than $20 that could easily give you some light at the end of the tunnel under your bed.
Furthermore, Target tames that spice rack with the aptly titled SpiceStack for around $40 in an effort to make sure you're not seasoning, minus the sensibility.
If the spot under your bed is truly that lonely, try using a storage box of some sorts if you have to use that spot for storage. IKEA is rich with the foresight and ingenuity when it comes to slipping storage in spaces you'd least expect it. Their black or white under the bed storage is stellar in this regard.
As far as the makeup, contact solution, toothpaste, soap and everything else that makes your bathroom look like a bomb went off, Bed Bath and Beyond beckons your attention once again with a Rolling Organizer for a Pedestal Sink, and the appropriately titled Container Store scores big with acrylic trays that can be stacked to perfection.
Implementing a few well timed and placed products could prove to be the difference between a new year and new you when it comes to keeping things in the right place versus simply slipping back into old habits and having no idea where anything is.

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