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Page Turner: How to show everyone you love them on Valentine's Day

When you think about Valentine's Day, traditional marketing always suggests this is the holiday for lovers, when you make it a point to tell your significant other how much they mean to you, how much you love them and, for the men who just don't get it, how much they spent on the flowers, candy and gifts on that very day.
But beyond romance, wine, fine dining, chocolates and a dozen or more red roses, why can't Valentine's Day transcend traditional thinking and be about telling your other family members, friends or kids how special they truly are to you?
There's no rule against buying presents for anyone who you love, no matter how much Valentine's Day is sold to the general public as being about romantic dates and dinners for two.
Parents especially should feel perfectly fine buying their kids a little something on Valentine's Day, although that's totally a judgment call on their part. If you decide to buy them something, why not get a little creative, something beyond the same old fare of clothing or another piece of technology they probably don't need.
A cute idea for younger kids might be something personalized, such as the I See Me books. These kids' books go well beyond the norm and allow parents to find a particular story or fairy tale and insert their child's name into it so every bedtime stories take on a whole new meaning. I See Me is especially adept at Valentine's Day books and also have an array of gifts that can be personalized for kids.

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For parents, Valentine's Day isn't quite far enough removed from the holidays, so their budget might be a bit overstretched after indulging in gift giving. But that might only mean its time for mom and dad to get a little creative with their cuteness and give gifts that come from the heart, rather than the wallet.
This rule also applies to more than just parents and kids but also could be a nice gesture from son to father, daughter to mother or something appropriate from grandchildren to paps and grams.
Anything from making a special dinner to simply snagging a few "Love You" candied hearts goes a long way to telling someone just how much they mean to you. In this instance, the cost hardly even registers with who is getting the gift, since they're probably not expecting to get anything in the first place.
It just shows you've opted to take a different approach on a long standing holiday that is hardly just for lovers.

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