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Trailing Off: Break out that bicycle this spring with safety first mindset

Spring isn't far off and if you're one of the millions who love motoring on their bicycle and weaving in and out of traffic, you'd be wise to adopt an all important policy, if you haven't already: safety first.
Given the number of people who enjoy riding a bicycle on a crisp spring morning or humid, muggy summer afternoon, you'd assume that putting their safety and those of others first and foremost would be commonplace.
That isn't always the sentiment, however, as the men and women who have a penchant for pedaling might be inclined to skip a few key points before they head outside on their route. One major oversight often is the absence of a helmet or brightly colored clothing.
If you're of the opinion that a yellow, florescent vest is overkill, you're absolutely wrong. If you're biking on the side of the road, you had better be incredibly visible to motorists, who no doubt will have a hard time finding you with more than a few seconds to spare.
Those same motorists also have no trouble sharing the roads with you but only if you're apt to adhere to some rudimentary rules, like the helmets and vests that keep you safe.

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Something as simple as basic traffic laws apply to bicyclists, too, and a failure to pay attention to stop signs, traffic lights and making proper hand signals to denote turns aren't debatable. There's also no argument for keeping safe distance between bicycle and cars and increasing stopping distance to avoid accidents and always keeping your eyes on the road and making eye contact with drivers.
Bicyclists almost always get themselves in trouble with properly using turn signals, since they don't have the benefit of flipping up a plastic knob inside their car and instead have to rely on their memories to remember their hand signals.
One company saw this shortcoming as far as riding a bike is concerned and initiated a product that is equal parts practical and revolutionary. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves don't need a whole lot of an introduction as the name says it all, even though it almost sounds too good to be true.
These gloves are washable, wonderful and have changed the safety culture when it comes to biking. They're technology at its finest and are activated with a simple press of a button courtesy of your thumb. The gloves light up and let traffic behind you know that you're turning left or right. Equally impressive about the Zackees Turn Signal Gloves is the battery life, which is tabbed at between three and six months.
It's products like Zackees Turn Signal Gloves, along with a heavy dose of common sense and good decision making, that makes the open road big enough for all travelers.

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